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  1. Ext.Ajax.setTimeout Not working

    Hi All,

    I would like to increase the Ext.Ajax.request timeout for (180000 ms). I tried with Ext.Ajax.setTimeout(180000) but still i am getting timeout exactly after 60000 ms.

    I am using...
  2. Ext.device.Orientation not working

    Hi All,

    How to detect device orientation using Ext.device.Orientation.on.
    Ext.device.Orientation.on is not listening orientationchange. Is there any other setting required for the same. I check...
  3. Hi All, After bit of RnD...i found the...

    Hi All,

    After bit of RnD...i found the solution. For common tappanel we can use Ext.navigation.View, In which you can push or pop any view....
  4. Sorry i posted on wrong to move...

    Sorry i posted on wrong to move the post
  5. Common Tabpanel throughout the sencha touch 2 application

    Hi All,

    I am relatively new two sencha touch 2 development,
    I want to create the tabpanel which will be shown throughout the application. I created the tappanel with 3 different tabs, Very tab...
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