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    Well after overlooking the obvious as I figured I...

    Well after overlooking the obvious as I figured I was doing I found a config called: titleAlign. So I simply set titleAlign: 'center' and that did the trick. Thanks everyone.
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    Sencha ExtJS Header Title Center Text

    Hey everyone,

    Maybe this is just a case of me over thinking this but I have a panel and I have some text I want to put in the title but I want the text centered. I also want the default...
  3. [OPEN] Sencha ExtJS RowEditing beforeEdit Unhide column does not begin edit

    I have a Grid with some columns in it, one of the columns contains a button I only want to be visible during editing of the row. I have set the column by default to hidden: true. This work fine the...
  4. It took me like 4 hours but here is the solution....

    It took me like 4 hours but here is the solution. Hope this helps:

    keydown:function( sender, e, eOpts )
    if (!isNumberKey(e))
  5. Sencha ExtJs TextField KeyDown Event in FireFox

    So I have the following code that detects where the key that was pressed is a number, space or delete key. If not it stops the key from being entered into the textfield. It works perfectly in Chrome...
  6. Sencha ExtJS Gridpanel inside Panel does not render once data is set to the GridPanel

    I have a Gridpanel inside a vertical panel so that I can place something underneath the gridpanel. Everything renders no issues until I set the store property on the gridpanel. Then the window just...
  7. I was able to figure out how to do this and...

    I was able to figure out how to do this and wanted to post the end all code for everyone.I hope this will be of assistance to someone else as well.

    var myPanal = Ext.create('Ext.panel.Panel', {...
  8. Update: So I have a bit of code that pretty much...

    So I have a bit of code that pretty much does what you have and works the issue now is that it is putting the input field behind the panel I am trying to place it in:

  9. Sencha ExtJS Append HTML Control To Application

    So I am new to both Sencha and Javascript. I have been stuck on this for the last couple hours or so. I trying to append a standard HTML5 control to a Sencha ExtJS panel for use within the...
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    tangix ,

    Your write up was great. I would never have figured that out without your post. Thanks again.
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    Thanks you for the assistance. I did what you suggested and it appears to sit on the screen as intended. Do you happen to know also how to put a border (dashed, solid, etc) around a...
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    Sencha Ext Panel make Height 100%

    I have the following application that contains two panels. The height of the first one set to 75% of the screen area and the second panel set to take up the bottom 25% of the screen. I have been...
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