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  1. Well, unfortunately, it is NOT correct as you rely on getCmp and that relies on ids. This is a very bad practice. You should use Ext.ComponentQuery to address the components if you have to.
  2. See!/api/Ext.window.Window-cfg-constrain
  3. Do you get any errors? I would expect that yes, because calling getView() on application probably doesn't return anything. You need to make sure that getView() really returns the view you want to...
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    If the record is not passed and the documentation says it is, then it is a bug. Make please a showcase at and report it as bug.
  5. Give your store an alias (alias:'store.mystore') and then use type:'mystore' in ViewModel. Should work.
  6. Yeah, that's the reason I would rather used a static class - you don't need to instantiate then and you assign variables simply with My.Constants.hello = "hello world"
  7. There is a main problem here and that is that MVVM model that you want to use as a source of data is tightly related to its view and lives only until the view lives. Although you could theoretically...
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    I think that this link contains the key data:
  9. There is a great difference between 3 and 5 especially:

    - different load process
    - different extending syntax
    - architectures not possible in 3 (MVC and MVVM)

    That's always a dilemma if, why...
  10. You need to implement a formula. See this example - it is not exactly what you want but it can give you some ideas
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    Yes, but server has to return the mandatory headers. See which headers are returned by - that is cross-domain enabled service on my site. Look for...
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    Try this - it's your fiddle slightly modified:

    var store = Ext.create('', {
    fields: ['month', 'data1'],
    data: [{ month: 'Jan', data1: 20 },
    { month: 'Feb',...
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    You are probably looking for background-size CSS3 property.

    See also ExtJS Tree Icon Plugin.
  14. writeAllFields:true works, the problem was that the override didn't. I haven't re-tested it in 5.1 as I use schemas wherever I can so I don't need overrides.
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    Agreed. I also think that no additional binding logic should be necessary for radiogroups.
  16. It's impossible to advise anything helpful based just on your description as the problem can be anything. Could you post your app to Then anybody can run the code and spot...
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    Although it does solve the problem, I think that the real root of troubles is elsewhere. The root is the idea of adding an irrelevant datum "other" into the color value. It is similar as adding,...
  18. Well, it's a "design bug", perhaps.
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    I see. What's your solution?
  20. Yeah, that's fine and in many cases it does not look bad or is disturbing. Nevertheless, I think that there should be a possibility to switch it off.
  21. I've also experienced some grid related 5.1 bugs that were not present in 5.0 so if you don't need the new features of 5.1 wait for a next hopefully less buggy Ext release.
  22. This "feature" was introduced in 5.0.1 and I don't know of any official method of disabling it.
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    Do not use renderTo but add the window as item of the tab. The constrains should work fine then.
  24. What happens if you run it in Ext 5.0.1?
  25. Setting floatable to true should work, doesn't it?
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