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    I simply want to share my opinion about this License Change issue:

    First of all, I want to say that ExtJS is really cutting-edge JS framework that runs very fast in almost A-Grade browser,...
  2. @hendricd,

    So I guess, I'll stick on using regular popup browser window then.

    Unfortunately they don't give much choice about it.

    Ok, thanks for your advice.
  3. @hendricd,before I ask , let me show you the snippet I used

    Ext.get('btnLiveChat').on('click', function(e){
    var winChat = new Ext.Window({
    title: 'EasyLiveChat'
  4. @hendricd, thanks to point me out my mistake.
    Anyway your MIF is one of great extension that people ever made and really helps me out for my current project now.

  5. @hendricd
    yes, I try your way and it works perfectly. But I when I try to put MIF in nested panel, the code like this:

    region: 'center'
  6. Question: how to set auto-fit if the ManageIframePanel is in ViewPort's center region?
    here are the codes:

    <%@ Page Language="C#" AutoEventWireup="true" CodeBehind="WebForm1.aspx.cs"...
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    Maybe this could help.

    <div id="div-center" class="x-layout-inactive-content">
    <div id="div-center-body"></div>
  8. Saki,
    I'll do some more testing on that then

  9. Saki,
    after further digging your demo page, I found my mistake.
    Basically Accordion and Infopanel is a ContentPanel, instead add a new ContentPanel to BorderLayout, it should add the accordion...
  10. Saki,
    first of all, please make sure you did check on the image attachment on my previous post.
    And as the image screenshot shows, the vertical scrollbar that makes the title panels clipped.

  11. Have anyone experience this?

    I'm creating BorderLayout with west and center defined.
    Then in west layout I put accordion and 1 infopanel.
    When I resize the browser small enough to make scrollbar...
  12. Saki,
    frankly I never know that kind of implementation and surely I'll have to learn more a lot about css. Also I'm really grateful for your help and guidance, and I have learned a lot from you.
  13. Yep, I also tried it also before, and it is not apply to the right div. I'll explain why.
    Here is the DOM I capture when InfoPanel is created:

    <div class="x-dock-panel-body ...
  14. Saki, I've tried your suggestion and it works, but it will be a problem if the ID is dynamic.
    For example:
    Outter Panel, ID = outPanel1
  15. Ok, I'll check again on your example.

  16. Yes, I've tested it several times, and it works. To achieve what I explain earlier, I have to modify you source code fo Ext.ux.InfoPanel.js. Is it ok with you?
    For nested accordion itself I use this...
  17. After digging Ext.ux.InfoPanel.js, I think I manage to do the things I wanted.
    Here is the part of it:
    1. First, I add new config option name it "titleBg"
    2. then, at the part that creating title...
  18. The idea is quite simple, if I create nested accordion+infopanel, and I somehow should be able to change the look&feel to differentiate outer panel and inner panel, by override/assign new styles...
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    Yes, it works accordingly.
    I'll keep it in mind if things like that happens.

    Thanks a lot,
  20. Here are the DOM I've captured with IE Development Toolbar:

    <div class=" my-dock-panel" id="scPanel2" _nodup="30805">
    <div class="x-unselectable x-layout-panel-hd x-dock-panel-title...
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    I've change it to doc type 4.01 transitional, but no luck :(.
    I'm sure that I do miss something but don't know what it is.
    And it also wonders me that when I access your sample page...
  22. I'm already post this thread in "User Extension forum",
    but it seems no one is give me a reply :(.
    So I post again in this thread hopefully it will get answers from Saki.
    If anyone were...
  23. I hope I do not post in the wrong thread.

    I'm creating nested accordion. It shows something like this:

    Outer Panel A
    == Inner Panel A1
    == --...
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    I'm using user Accordion+Infopanel created by Saki.
    Here are the code:

    <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"
  25. Yes Tim, the "delayHide" will apply to this condition.

    But my question is, after I click "Help" but "do not click" on menu item "FAQ" or "About Us" at all, can the menu automatically hide itself?...
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