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  1. I have a picture as logo, which I can see when I open the Designer, but when I Preview the Page, there is a small questionmark icon where there should have been the logo. Let me say that the picture...
  2. Today i updated to new version, I had a working project and it has changed layouts, anchors, and a number of attributes by itself.

    I've been getting strange behaviours today that I havent seen the...
  3. ok here's what i did to make it work:

    since Designer assigns a Tree Node (root) and a Tree Loader on the TreePanel by default,

    you assign a ID to the TreePanel, then get the TreePanel's...
  4. Hello everybody,

    I have created a UI class from Ext Designer (Viewport with tabPanel etc)

    Inside a Tab there is a Fieldset where I want to have a TreePanel with checkboxes.

    I have defined a...
  5. awesome animal thanks for your fast replies it works cheers
  6. there you go. i know i'm doing quite a lot of things wrong, don't know how to fix it

    Ext.override(Ext.tree.TreePanel, {
    maxWidth : 600,
    useArrows : true,
    autoScroll : true,
  7. there is not much code to show, as the code i've used comes from the example i've mentioned above.

    the problem i have is that in this example (as you can see if you can follow the link) it defines...
  8. Hello,

    Starting from the ExtJs example at the page where a TreePanel has checkboxes,

    I want to Override the TreePanel, and add...
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    what name did you have before (working) and what name is the one that isn't working?

    also, have you checked the names on the generated files? (there must be a .ui.js , a .js , an xds_index.html...
  10. "Description: Store arbitrary data associated with the specified element."

    Is there something similar to this association in Ext Js?

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    Hello, great job,

    I've tried Saki's example, but I can't find the Icons you use in your buttons (you know, the ones for "Add Records" etc).. are these available somewhere? thank you
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    Heres the thing: Ext Designer generates (when a project is exported) a .ui.js file, a .js file, an .html file (let's say xds_index.html) and another .js file (xds_index.js) that has something like ...
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    I wanted to ask the same thing, as the generated code (when I exported the Project) does not work, I get an error message that "viewport is not a constructor". I read somewhere it has to do with the...
  14. Hello,

    Working on the Designer, is there a way for one to create a TreePanel that has textboxes as Nodes ? Seeing the program the obvious answer is not, but I am asking in case there is a way.
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    yes it makes perfect sense thank you. also what i've found is that Let's say we have a Panel, inside it we place a toolbar with buttons, then we select on the Panel to ButtonAlign "center" so we...
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    Lets suppose we have a panel and inside it there are two buttons, is there a way to align these buttons and place them in (let's say) the center of the panel?

    Thank you
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