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  1. Sorry, it does not work. I create a new file an add ist to the resources. It will create the lokal language in the app.js, but i need it on loading the shop (dynamcly)

    Any idea what i do wrong?...
  2. Hi,

    is there a possibility to use the architect for multilanguage support in a sencha touch project and if not, how do i implement a multilanguage support in my sencha touch project?
  3. Production mode do not include the resources in the build if i check any of the boxes like 'inlcudeInBundle' or 'bootstrap' and so on. Furthermore our images are not inlcuded too. If i unchecked all...
  4. Hi honestbleeps,

    oh yes, i see my mistake, thank you very much. I change to 'Resource.*' and check 'includeInBundle' (set on "true") ... now the production build finished without errors but in...
  5. Hi,

    change version infos in project.xds fikle to a part of our project file:

    (take a look at the cmdVersion, frameworkVersion and xdsVersion and xdsBuild)

  6. Hi aconran.

    i try two variants:

    first one i told above, i try set 'includeInBundle' on true and on false, no resources found in production mode...only 'undefinde' .. here is a picture to...
  7. misunderstanding

    'GET http://weserems.baeko-bibs.deundefin...=1411711633113 net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED '

    ... take a look at the part '....baeko-bibs.deundefin...' ... the part 'undefin...' is...
  8. Thank you Steve,

    i marked the resources 'includeInBundle' and set the plattform to chrome. Now the gui is ok but if i build the project in production mode, the resources are not found. On...
  9. on cmd 5.0.3 it works if i set only the 'tablet' as a target, now that works fine, thx<br><br>Now we have the problem with the resources. In production mode we do not have any access to the resources...
  10. I post on the other task:
  11. We delete our theme and put another in, the look changed a little bit but the gui is still damaged.
  12. Yes, it build, but it does not work...

    aconran:"It appears the CSS isn't being compiled. Do you have a custom theme? Can you make a change to it to trigger a re-compile or manually compile it by...
  13. Sorry, i will post next time here....

    @ aconran
    There are no error's in log of chrom console and no logs in cmd server prompt
  14. Sorry, the error in console 'GET http://localhost:8080/true 404 (Not Found) ' is not important (no real error)
  15. aconran

    The build is successfull, the first login screen of our product has not the layout we have with the 5.0.3.

    take a look at the screenshots:

    Build with SA 3.1.190 WITH cmd
  16. Yes,the sencha project is now on, our gui ist still damaged, only with the error log 'The 'overflowchanged' event is deprecated and may be removed. Please do not use it.' is shown in the...
  17. we update our project to 5.0.3. Now our product do not run with We need the 5.0.3 course on cmd we have a bug in the console and a terrible start dialog on our product.

  18. crazy, i installed 3.1 from your sencha pages and start, it will not install the 5.0.3 cmd server, only:
    - and

    no 5.0.3.... please help:-/
  19. thank you, it's possible to ''compile" an 2.3 touch project with 2.4 or must we 'upgrade' the project first?
  20. If i install cmd and the bundle the architect will pull the new versions on start? That's right?
  21. Hi Aaron,

    i login but cannot find an update for architect (but we bought 2 license), only
    Sencha Touch BundleSencha Touch CompleteSencha TouchSencha Cmd
    Where i can...
  22. I forget,we bought the sencha touch complete 2.3.x and the architect too.
  23. Hi.

    we want to update our sencha architect with the current framework version 2.3.x to the sencha touch 2.4.0.

    How does it work?


  24. we do not find a way to change the license id in the architect of my co-worker. He enter (was a mistake) my id, but we bought 2 license of the architect. Now we try to change the license id but...
  25. add to war file::D
    - app
    - app.js
    - app.css
    - index.html

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