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  1. Hello,

    When I am trying to implement Live Grid functionality in my application I have encountered the following issues :
    1) The vertical scroll bar which gets attached to the grid after setting...
  2. Hello team,

    Is nested grouping possible to be implemented by GXT 3.0.6 in the grid ,. ie First time – you do a group by of Column A, now again do a group by of Column B- this time based on the...
  3. Hello,

    I am currently using the 3.0.6 GXT jar for creating the GXT Grid in my project.
    When I launch the application in IE9 , the columns at first appear in the created Grid but after 2-3 seconds...
  4. Hi Colin,

    I have used the attached code in my customized memory proxy class for local pagination.
    Now the issue is that the other features like grid filtering, row numbering , grouping ,sorting...
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