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  1. Here it is :

    In IE, when I inspect my div into which the grid is being rendered, its empty .. I am using json store and loading data async.

  2. I have a GridPanel that works just fine in FF and Chrome. By works, I mean I can calculate the row heights on the fly and adjust the grid height on the fly. I am unable to do the same in IE ......
  3. I was looking for a download area where I can customize my download - something like jQuery website lets a user download a minified js of only components that he likes to use. I would like to...
  4. When I click on the next button on the paging toolbar and inspect what I get as request params on my debugger, I get the same fromIndex and toIndex values the second page never shows up. Here is...
  5. That worked like a charm. Thanks a lot.
  6. Thanks for your quick reply. I tried this to begin with ... but the addTool takes a Component ... not a Label.
  7. I need to add custom controls to the header section of the Dialog object. Specifically, ... I need to add the label "close" along with the "X" button used to close the dialog. None of the methods...
  8. Thanks sven ... it worked. !
  9. Thanks. I really appreciate your time and effort towards this thread. I am trying to give you a hawk eye view of the flow and trying not to feed you with entire code base.

    Here is whats happening...
  10. Thanks for your reply. Here is the flow of my application:

    -- As soon as the user logs in, they land on a page
    -- This page contains two tabs... each tab has a grid within its panel
    -- each grid...
  11. Colin ...I tried your suggestion by adding a listener to the grid instance as follows:

    gridInstance.addListener(Events.Refresh, new Listener<GridEvent<BeanModel>>() {
  12. I am using a GXT grid. I am loading the data using a loader instance. I tried to attach a listener to the grid using all events on Events class but none seem to be corresponding to the after load or...
  13. I have a grid that contains dynamic data. I also need to print the page. The issue is -- when I try to print the page, the grid's rows dont page break a matter of fact, in FF since...
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    I am trying to setup a grid. I have an object (say A) ... it has a list of objects (say List<B>). I already have the List<b> in the current context. The class definition of class B is

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    I have a cell renderer that renders some HTML into cells of the column in my grid.

    public String render(.....) {
    return "<a href='#' > some text here </a> "

    I need...
  16. I fixed this issue by assigning one renderer, but instead of returning a String object with html in it, I am returning a FlowPanel object with all the other widgets I need within this panel.
  17. My issue might be resolved if I can set two cell to return the html string and one to add a link/button. Is it possible to add two renderers to a same cell ?
  18. Currently, I have a QuickTip object and a grid linked to it.

    QuickTip quickTip = new QuickTip(myGrid);

    and an anchor

    <a qtip='some text I want to display' />
  19. I have a QuickTip defined for my grid

    QuickTip qt = new QuickTip(myGridInstance)

    within one of my cell renderers, I have

    <a qtip="some text I want to display when a user clicks this...
  20. Thanks a lot. I was trying to wrap text with all kinds of word-wrap attribute values without luck. You saved me some time.
  21. Ok... I fixed it .... I dont know why, but it seems to be working once I added my class definition to the gxt-all.css file. All my other GXT specific css classes come off another file and work just...
  22. I need the image for the ToolButton (not for the grid's icon). I tried that too ... but it did not work.. it shows space next to the panel's header title, but do not see an image next to it. My css...
  23. Thanks for your reply. Just tried that ... still does not work.
  24. Thanks for your reply jadrake. I did just that, but I see a "X" icon instead of my custom image. I have

    contentPanelInstance.getHeader().addTool(new ToolButton("printIcon", new...
  25. I have

    contentPanelInstance.getHeader().addTool(new ToolButton("printIcon", new PrintSelectionListener() ));

    and my custom css file on the path has the following class

    .printIcon {...
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