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  1. Def gonna check this out, sounds excellent. Thank you for putting it out there.
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    After implementing the workaround I am immediately met with a "Too much recursion" error.

    We're using ExtJS 4.1.0

    Thoughts? anyone?

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    I noticed a posting in the General Discussion forum that said users should not post topics for seeking developers, but instead we should look to

    It seems to me that...
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    lol .. while I agree that he could have posted a test case and that it would have helped, I also understand that he's not on staff at Sencha.

    I've reported bugs myself and most are ignored without...
  5. Whoa, did you just say that one-to-one is a "shoot your performances in their foot" feature?

    Wow, that's so incredibly backwards I barely even know how to respond. In fact, one-to-one...
  6. Yeah, its weird... its so fundamental that it completely escapes me how they overlooked it in the initial design. Now I fear they've come to far too implement it easily.

    Huge miscalculation on...
  7. I can't be sure if these are bugs, but the behavior only started happening with Beta 3. I have not yet tried to make a test case.

    Take a look at the attached screenshot. My toolbar buttons are...
  8. +1
  9. Look at my code.

    Notice the response data does not match the outputted data in the console.dir() call.

  10. I found the answer to this with overrides, its completely undocumented.

    Models allow you to pass the parameter 'associationKey' when defining the association. When data is nested this string...
  11. Aha! As it turns out, the association is just fine... all of that works...

    You and I were both mistaken about this thread:...
  12. Yes, I am trying to load a group and its parent group information in a single load. In our actual usage there are hundreds of records. In the case of menu data, or similar, we might return an...
  13. Alright, in the test case I made its not ignoring the association, but the child group data is not loaded.

  14. You mentioned updating the documentation for primaryKey in another posting.

    I think its more than that. You can see that the configuration options defined by the hasMany documentation do not...
  15. When linking back to yourself in a model definition you would include a 'hasMany' and 'belongsTo' declaration inside of the same model.

    I think, since 'belongsTo' expects an existing 'hasMany', it...
  16. Considering this code..

    // Group

    Ext.regModel('group', {
    getProperties: function( callBackFunction ) {
    return group.getProperties(, callBackFunction );
  17. I run into problems when I try to load 'nested' (aka association) data from the server.

    The trouble all takes place in Ext.reader.Reader.extractData(root)


  18. So missing a fundamental aspect of relationships isn't a priority?

    I don't understand, at least it should remain an open issue no?

    I don't mean to be rude, I know you guys have a lot going on. ...
  19. The same inconsistency applies whether I access the data directly or through the method you describe.

    My argument is that there should be a consistent manner in which child data is stored. For...
  20. It creates logical problems when model data is stored in two separate ways.

    "belongsTo" data is stored as a object attached directly to the model, suffixed with "belongsToAssociation". "hasMany"...
  21. I have not been able to figure out how child data can be used in forms.

    If have the 'user' model with these fields:


    and the "person" table with these...
  22. I have not been able figure out how child data can be referenced using a "dataIndex" in grids.

    It may be impractical to expect that you could reference the children in a hasMany relationship, but...
  23. ExtJS4 does appear to allow a model to link back to itself. If it does allow such a thing, it is undocumented.

    Consider the table "group", which has the following fields:

  24. ExtJS does not consider the "field" used to link to a table at all during any of its calculations.

    Sometimes this is required in order for a model to link to the same foreign model more than once....
  25. When returning association data for hasMany relationships extJS expects an array of data.

    When returning association data for belongsTo relationships extJS expects a single object.

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