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    The new site is absolutely AWESOME!
    Did you guys use a CMS tool? If yes, which one?
  2. I can't really understand why the team has removed such an useful feature. Building our own distribution isn't really the easiest task, once we don't know which features depends on others as well as...
  3. Hey guys,

    I think rendering the component in diferent targets is not the real problem here. Try to think about the use case I said before: a DataView which display products as its items and each...
  4. Hey you all! I think a ComponentDataView is a must have feature, it should be part of the ExtJS framework, for sure. Do you remember the ZipWhip implementation showcase?...
  5. i think that most of us thinbk that way, that masking should be integrated into the form field (in the ext core, take a look at the poll). :)
    while we dont have the ideal situation heres a way of...
  6. i just found a bug. if you press the HOME key and the first char is not a mask char (an editable char) it selects the first char anyway, not the first editable char. ill fix this later. i think the...
  7. yeah, im using custom vtypes in my system, now ill try to figure some way out to generate the vtype based on the mask automagically! :)
    hhhmmmm the TAB is working on IE6 and the focus is working ok...
  8. hey dude, hows it goin?
    hhhmmm i think that is possible to tie the validation to the masking, just need to think a little to figure out the best way to implement it.
    to select the first editable...
  9. Hi!

    Ok, I'll do this as soon as I get home later this day. I'm at work right now.
    Hmm, here's a simple usage example:

    <input type="text" id="isbn"...
  10. heres the solution
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    heres a solution
  12. oh, I forgot something.
    Ok, I agree with the ux package for user extension, but we have to keep it organized. I think we should include subpackages inside the ux packages too, or we'll mess the ux...
  13. Hey you all!

    I've implemented a mask formatter for input fields based on the existing class of the Java Language called javax.swing.text.MaskFormatter

    This is the first version of the code so...
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    DavidHu, why don't you think that custom tags is a good idea? You just said it, you didn't argue... I didn't get your point, or maybe you didn't get mine. Like Animal said custom tags can be...
  15. Yeah... unfortunately.. but we developers are the only ones that can change that. Let's do our part!
    Ohhh, I forgot to mention: an unobtrusive button would be great too! :)
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    Hey you all!

    I think there are a lot of people here that use Ext with Java on the server side. Last week I started the development of ext4j (that the name I gave, suggestions of a better name are...
  17. Hey people!

    First of all I'd like to congratulate Jack and all the others Ext developers for the GREAT job! =D>
    Second I'd like to bring here a very important discussion, something that all web...
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