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  1. var find_del = new Ext.ux.form.LovField({
    xtype: 'xlovfield',
    id: 'lovgrid',
    fieldLabel: 'LOV Grid',
    allowBlank: true,
    multiSelect: false,
  2. An error in round fields in the GroupSummary.
    A piece of code in column model:
    header: "Кредит",
    dataIndex: 'KREDIT',
    sortable: false,
  3. Errors seem to be found. Sorry for concern. Delete this delirium.
  4. Written short test. Error became just another one. But the same meaning.

    var f_patterns = function(config){
    var ds, dlg;
    var mptid = -1;
    var fm = Ext.form;
    var reader = new...
  5. Error use Ext.grid.EditorGridPanel.
    A field after editing.

    JavaScript -
    Event thread: keypress
    name: TypeError
    message: Statement on line...
  6. Yes, indeed, in the example of everything working well.
    In the draft, there is an error. I would look for the causes. Strangely, that 2.1 functioning normally. The draft inside the taboo rather...
  7. this.field is null
    [Break on this error] this.field.destroy();
    ext-all-debug.js (line 21496)
  8. tabpanel.remove(tabpanel.activeTab, true)
    In version 2.1 is working correctly, in the version 2.2 gives an error , with 3 times.

    this.field is null
    [Break on this error]...
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    When unloading datetime fields detected a problem. No time to file excel. To address this problem need to change a few lines:

    '<ss:Style ss:Parent="odd" ss:ID="odddate">' +
  10. adding in the section ds.on('load' of the code solves the problem

    ds.on('load', function(){

    var obj = document.getElementById('MediaPlayer');
    if (obj)
  11. {"total":"1","block_id":"-1","images":[{"CSMD_ID":"7404580","CUST_CUST_ID":"67","MDTP_MDTP_ID":"2","MDTP_NUMBER"...
  12. Help!
  13. This cod works in wersions 1.1. And do not works in 2.1.
  14. Hello! Help please.
    I encountered a problem.
    This is a well-executed 1 once. If update data store a browser dies. the problem seems to object id="MediaPlayer".
    What to do?

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    As this do? This not restriction PHP.
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    Here is such problem:
    request is executed more than 30 seconds and nothing be not displayed as timeout to do more than 30 seconds?

    var ds = new{
    proxy: new...
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