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  1. Thanks vtysh...
  2. Thanks everyone, I have done it by setting the red icon image while cell rendering .... :)

    ccColumnName.setRenderer(new GridCellRenderer<SimpleBaseModel>() {
    public Object render(SimpleBaseModel...
  3. After I used setDirty, I have to refresh or commit,in both the cases it'll remove the red icon. :(
  4. Hey, Thanks for your reply.

    I taught of that option, but I don't know how to add the "x-grid3-dirty-cell" style to one particular cell.

  5. I am having a dirty cell in the grid(com.extjs.gxt.ui.client.event.GridEvent) which shows up with a red triangle icon.

    But when I refresh the grid (grid.getView().refresh(true)) or when I commit...
  6. How do I set the focus to a cell in EditorGrid ?,grid.startEditing(rowIndex, colIndex) only works if the column is editable.
  7. How do I keep the focus on the non-editable cell ?,editorGrid.startEditing(row, cell) works only in editable cell.
  8. How to remove the Ascending and Descending option from PagingToolbar columns ?
  9. I am using repaint to show the new data I have in store now. but the total record count at the bottom of the pagingtoolbar is not refreshed. I want to know how to do it.
  10. Hi, After repainting the grid with the new store data, I don't know how to refresh total record count in the paging toolbar.

    I want to do this without using pagingToolBar.refresh().

    Please help...
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