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  1. Amazing vanishing markInvalid validation and the date picker datefield component

    Version: ExtJS 4.1

    My question is this: How do I use markInvalid on a datefield when the built-in validation continually gets called in the background for many different events, removing the...
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    Fully agreed. Just adding some html to a...

    Fully agreed. Just adding some html to a component xtype and trying to let the layout shrink around it seems like hit or miss. And then you get things like this from my not-that-complex layout:

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    Thanks again.

    Still annoying... but perfectly understandable considering what you said. Sorry about the quip. Maybe a hard example of shrink wrapping in the Panel docs would be in order -...
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    That was one of the most lucid and complete answers I've seen on these boards. It always annoys me when I get an answer which lacks any kind of explanation, since that doesn't help me...
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    [Answered] ExtJS 4.1 layout problem

    All I've done here is take the example from the docs for a column layout panel with two child panels, and stick that in a window component, and the result is the window not centering itself on the...
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    Creating components without renderto

    Please forgive me - I'm still trying to get my feet under me with ExtJS 4.1, and so I probably missed some vital piece of info in the docs.

    I'm trying to extend the panel component, then create it...
  7. Defining subclasses with definite detectable hierarchy via instanceof

    I'm looking for a way to use ExtJS to define classes that have definite parent classes which can be tested for using the standard "instanceof" comparison.

    Currently, here's how I get that. First,...
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    Reading data double-nested in arrays

    I'm trying to read a data response from the server that is nesting the data in an array. In the below, I'm only interested in "Results[0].Data", which actually has the records I'm looking for:

  9. Combobox data load hangs on subsequent calls

    I've got what seems to be a very obscure problem - or I'm just missing something so huge that I can't see it from so close.

    I have a combobox that is drawing data from a HttpProxy object using...
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    Form to grid data loading question

    I have a simple EditorGridPanel and an equally simple FormPanel. I've got the FormPanel submitting nicely to the server and getting back JSON data. I was very proud of myself in accomplishing...
  11. Tell you what - I'll leave you two to discuss if...

    Tell you what - I'll leave you two to discuss if this is actually a problem or not. All I know is, given:

    searchCtrl is defined:

  12. Wait, what?

    Sorry - I'm still not getting the whole "remove() removes a component from a container - except when it doesn't" thing. From the documentation, I expect that if I remove a component, whether it's...
  13. If what you're saying is true, then you've a...

    If what you're saying is true, then you've a problem.

    If removing a component without refreshing the DOM has the effects it does, why do you offer the remove function with the [Boolean...
  14. [2.2][CLOSED] Removing panel from Accordion layout leaves undead panel html in dom

    The code is in this thread over in ext:help:

    I tested on Firefox 3.x and IE 7.x - same behavior, which is:

    Have a basic panel with an accordion...
  15. Captain's log, stardate "whatthehell?". No...

    Captain's log, stardate "whatthehell?". No intelligent life seems to have responded to our distress call. Engineering is getting pissed because we can't even set a simple active panel in an...
  16. Anyone out there?

    After yet more research, I've found that if I add the line "searchCtrl.body.update();" like so:

    function(node, evnt) {
    var searchCtrl =...
  17. You've got bugs!

    After more research, I've found that the panel.doLayout() method is bugged.

    1.) searchCtrl.remove(currentSearchForm, false);
    currentSearchForm(FormPanel) is removed from the parent panel's...
  18. Adding and Removing Accordion Elements Dynamically

    This may be a bug, and it seems the problem is pretty deep in the API.

    Problem: We have a tree panel nested in a vanilla parent panel with an accordion layout. Each leaf in the tree represents a...
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    Doesn't solve the problem

    I don't see anywhere in that code the ability to display more than the first line. I want/need the equivalent of

    <select multiple="multiple">
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    Whither a true multiselect combobox?

    Am I missing something, or is there really no true multiple-lines-visible scrollable version of the combobox? I see lots of chatter and some examples of multiselect combobox hack that are just...
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