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    Storing JSON Objects Locally

    Is it possible? I know you can't do it with local storage. Is the JSON Data Writer capable of doing this?
    Any help would be appreciated.
  2. So I am creating my view with Ext.create() and...

    So I am creating my view with Ext.create() and then using the created getter that is generated from the controller reference. Pushing the view works but pressing back seems to destroy the instance...
  3. Thank you

    Thats good to know! Also, is it normal that the views I add are not instantiated? When I put a view that is not the initial one, I can't access it through a reference unless using Ext.create(). Is...
  4. Could anyone upload a working example of a...

    Could anyone upload a working example of a designer project using navigation views? My views don't seem to create on the application loading. I need to use Ext.create to push them to the view.
  5. NavigationView & Controller Reference Issues

    Attached is a project I am working on and the navigation view is giving a hard time. It used to work fine before the major update that change the metadata. Now when I add views to the...
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    LocalStorage Trouble

    Hi everyone,
    I know this is supposed to be simple, but I can`t get it to work. I create a simple application with a list view and two button. The list view is tied to a 'contact' store that...
  7. I have been trying and trying again. Nothing...

    I have been trying and trying again. Nothing seems to work fine for me. When I associate a local storage proxy to a store and add a record to the store syncing does not work although I verified the...
  8. Trouble loading localstorage after deleting records

    Everything about my LocalStorage works fine. Creating and adding. Removing works fine until I refresh the application. The store.load() function send me this error:
    Uncaught TypeError:...
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    I found the problem. I'm not sure I understand...

    I found the problem. I'm not sure I understand correctly but this might be a bug in sencha. When a json value has a comma in it, sencha fails to load the store.

    E.G.: "name":"Doe, John" would...
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    Store cannot be found.

    I have a simple grouped list component linked to a json data store. In the Designer, I can see the data loaded into the list, but in the browser I get a blank screen and the javascript...
  11. Controller References Getters not in deployment

    The references that I add to my Controllers do not get their getters built automatically like the citybar video claims the designer does. Is this a bug or is it due to the deployment function being...
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