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  1. Probably Something Stupid on My Part

    Ok...should I have to do anything more to see the sample app from Git than put it in a directory up on a standard LAMP build and hit its index file?

    I threw this up on a server, and get this...
  2. Flailing Around

    Looking at the Feature.js portion of the Ext.ux.touch.grid scripts, the editable class is being added, but the next area (lines 37-43). It doesn't appear that the itemtap and itemdoubletap event...
  3. Editable Grid (Ext.ux.touch.grid) Quits working in Build

    I have just completed my first Touch app. I created a test build using the sencha command line tools and my editable grids no longer work. They don't execute the handleDoubleTap or handleTap event...
  4. New link in mobile safari would be nice

    Just adding myself to the list of folk looking for an answer to this one. I have a link to a web report, but once used the user has no way back to the app. I would like to open it in Mobile Safari,...
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    I'm looking to change the Value in a couple of...

    I'm looking to change the Value in a couple of places in the script. I'm only showing it like this to see where it works at all.

    I have a form with cascading selects whose options change as the...
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    Help me set a Select value...please

    I am trying to programmatically set the value of a select field whose options are populated by a store. Just to try and see it happen, I've tried to use select.setValue('02') in a listener on the...
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    Any update on Touch 2?

    Great project! Any update on a 2.0 version? Could we bribe you to prioritize its release?

    Thanks for sharing!
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    Editable grid questions

    mitchellsimoens, thanks so much for your work on this project.

    I was hoping someone could help with a few issues with the editable grid features. Playing with the files provided in the download....
  9. Help with Templates and xtype label in Form

    I am hoping to put some formatted text at the top of a form. I was hoping to use a xtype:label and then use a template to put in HTML formatted text that included field data loaded in to the form.
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    Error with Editor Grid?

    Great code, thanks for sharing! I got it to work perfectly with my project. I also need to be able to edit the grid, but when I switch from GridPanel to EditorGridPanel, I get the following error:
  11. If anyone has a similar problem, the syntax is: ...

    If anyone has a similar problem, the syntax is:

    handler: function(){
  12. [SOLVED] Referencing dynamically created form from within

    I am creating forms in tabs dynamically as grid rows are clicked by adding new tabs to the DOM that include a FormPanel.

    If one had a button in the form panel that would pop up an alert window...
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    That is certainly clear as to the format. I wish...

    That is certainly clear as to the format. I wish I had found that several days ago. It sure would be great if there was a link from the load function in the Basic Form and FormPanel description to...
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    Whoo Hooo!

    Wow! I hate to reveal my lack of knowledge, but this is the first time I've used a Javascript debugger (Firebug) with breakpoints. Amazing.

    Solved my problem. Seems the built-in reader of forms...
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    Ok. I've done very little of that before, but I...

    Ok. I've done very little of that before, but I have to get this solved.

    This seems like a pretty core function of a web development environment. Can you also please point me to a sample or demo...
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    Animal, I do appreciate your help and...


    I do appreciate your help and patience. I think part of my confusion was the eval() comment.

    You'll notice that the format you suggest is the second one on my list above. When I...
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    Ok, I've tried: ...

    Ok, I've tried:

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    Thanks for the quick response...but I'm not sure...

    Thanks for the quick response...but I'm not sure I understand what type of object/structure to return. I tried this with my JSON...

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    JSON Load into Form [SOLVED]

    I have a grid with summary data in the starting tab. I have click listeners that open a new tab with more details for the entry that corresponds with the row clicked. The new tab has a form. I'd like...
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    TabPanel in Form

    I'm trying to add a tabpanel in a form. I'm actually bringing across some JSON that worked ok in the original guibuilder by tof. The effect I'm shooting for is like the fifth example here:...
  21. Sorry...I thought the previous poster was wanting...

    Sorry...I thought the previous poster was wanting me to post the entire PHP page.

    I have no reason to believe that I'm on the right path with this, only that there should be a way to achieve what...
  22. Grid with ComboBox column (multi-dim array)

    I'm just starting to learn ExtJS. So...I'd like to load in groups of contacts into a Grid, with all of their emails showing up in a ComboBox. No input here (not a submitted form), just a way to show...
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