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  1. howto avoid 400 badRequest due to longCookie length as the states of components long

    As we need to have stateful components and in gxt by default stateful ness is provide with the help of cookie provider at client side. Is there a way to do it at server side?

    Or is there a way to...
  2. How to implement custom stateprovider for gxt tree component to maintain statefulnes

    In our application, we need to have statefulness for the tree and treegrid. We are using the setStateful(true) api which in turn internally uses stateManager and cookieProvider for maintaing the...
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    How did you work around this problem? I am also...

    How did you work around this problem? I am also trying to get the querystring for form-error-page and to show the relavant error message on login screen. can you please explain me how to do this.
  4. Need example source code for paging toolbar with remote pagination for grid

    I am new to gxt. Finding very difficult to implement remote pagination for the grid control. Can anyone please provide a sample code for this. Thanks in advance
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    How to handle browser resize in gxt layouts?

    I am observing that the widgets in the layouts are not rendered with proper or enough size to enter data or navigate between the widgets if the browser is of some size less than the actual maximum...
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