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  1. I've also just come across this issue - the array being treated as a string.

    Is there a workaround?


    Must have been a syntax error as I can't replicate the issue now.
  2. Hi.

    I've been trying all day to make a FormPanel that I can dynamically add form elements to and reorder their position using drag and drop; A kind of form designer I guess.

    I've looked at a...
  3. OK I've taken another look at @hide and found a case when it's not working on the ExtJS source.

    Ext.form.ComboBox / Combo.js in ExtJS 3.2.1

    * @hide
    * @method...
  4. Well I'm glad I wasn't going mad. I think your right with your point about keeping the docs in version control, I'll have to rethink what I was trying to achieve.
  5. I still seem to be having trouble with @hide, although I can live with it for the time being. I'll see if I can investigate the issue a little more tomorrow.

    I decided I'd like to keep my...
  6. I see my problem was partially down to not including the ExtJS source code in my API documentation.

    Now that I've added ExtJS I obviously reap the benifit of my extensions displaying all the...
  7. Hi,

    Just like to start with saying I really like jsDuck - good work.

    I'm also not Ruby chap and it did take a while to get it set up on Centos, but it's all working nicely now.

    One issue...
  8. For the filters I do this.

    // From my meta data I build a CM similar to this
    var cols = [
    { header: 'Desc', dataIndex: 'tck_desc', filter: {dataIndex: 'tck_desc', type: 'string'}, id:...
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    Shame, I stopped using Komodo a few months ago... vim all the way now :)
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    Hmm yes, I just tried it on our code with "The good parts".

    That's a lot of "Missing space after :" I'd have to fix. Also, due to the way I've split up classes into individual files, I get a...
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    I've just completed installing SpiderMonkey on Centos so that I can run JSLint from the command line. So far it has proved a fantastic way to spot those annoying little extra commas that break...
  12. Yup just had the same problem; it seems to be using the stores lastOptions params rather than the new base param you set. As a workaround, I've overwritten the value in lastOptions before doing my...
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    I'm having a little trouble with a small plugin I'm writing. The plugin should add a button to a grids tbar and allow the user to toggle forcefit on and off.

    I'm finding that toggling...
  14. Thanks Condor - in the end I went for.

    <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=Edge">
  15. I've been having trouble replicating the issue in my test script, but..

    It appears my app is running in IE7 Compatibility mode for some reason, and manually switching it over to IE8 seems to...
  16. I've just come across a similar issue with tab panels.

    Hidden tab panels render with wide buttons in IE8 when activated. This only happens when deferredRender is set to False.

    I'll see if I can...
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    Ditto; I know it's in the API docs but I can never remember the location - thanks mysticav/google!
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    Bit of an old thread, but if it's still of any interest..

    var txtarea = Ext.getCmp('id_of_my_textarea').el.dom;

    Pretty nifty bit of code.. I might try and package it up as my first plugin, if...
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    At first I thought it was totally random, it was only after writing the above post I started seeing a pattern.

    As a beginner I've found the naming convention slightly confusing and frustrating;...
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    In particular regard to case, is there a set naming convention for Ext (or even JavaScript).

    As far as I can determine..

    Root namespaces and constructors are UpperCamelCase
  21. Perfect, thanks.
  22. Hello,

    I've been looking at the "Extending Ext for Newbies" Tutorial and have a fairly basic question...

    In the superclass constructor call to apply, where does the variable "arguments" come...
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