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  1. Yes this is correct. For example, if I have a grid panel that is displaying "row 1: one , row 2: two, row 3: three" and when I type "one" in the combobox, the grid panel should only show "one".
  2. I'm having issues getting my store on the grid panel to update and render properly from the combobox input. what I mean by this is, when I type into the combobox field, I want it to use the...
  3. After some debugging I found out that when showDebugOutput in ColdFusion is set to "yes", it generated some extra syntax in the JSON output of the Api.cfm file, this in turn makes it unreadable hence...
  4. I downloaded aaron zipped file and followed the instructions. However, I'm getting an error that I can't seem to fix. I'm not sure why but when adding an addProvider in index.cfm I get this error ...
  5. I am fairly new to ExtJs but want to get a better understanding of for CFM use. I downloaded the zip file and followed the instruction but i'm getting a error.
    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot...
  6. I have the same question but instead of a grid I have an image map with several links in my View. Should the listeners be in the View or Controller?
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    thanks for the quick reply... I am fairly new to Ext Js, are there any documentation on how I can implement this plugin?
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    how would you use this for Ext Js 4? Also, I tested this in Fire Fox and it doesnt work. =(
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    I too have been searching around the Ext Js4 document and found no success on implementing image mapping with Ext js libary. However, there is a suggestion of a link that take you to a premium forum...
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