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  1. In Ext JS API documentation -> API Home tab panel,we have the Search combo box

    To the right of the combo box, we have a trigger field.After we type in some text for searching a close button...
  2. in my grid,i am using checkboxselection model.

    how to get the record when i have only the row index

    so i used,

  3. Can anyone give me an example of how to add context menu to a grid?

    here is my code:

    [CODE] var grid = new Ext.grid.GridPanel({
    ds: simpleStore,
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    I am using a local data,but when i put local:true in the GridFilters,the entire grid gets disappeared

    here is the code:

    var myData = [
    ['Text Attribute','Text','Exact','Match','All...
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    While trying to use a filter in a grid, the following thing happened

    the grid keeps on loading and following error comes

    this.proxy is undefined

    here is the code:
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    can anyone give me an example on how to use the fireEvent method?
  7. In the code below, i add rows using add button in the top bar.After adding few rows, i want to insert a new row between the already added rows

    Ext.onReady(function() {

    var i=1;
  8. The thing i do here is that when i select an option from the combo box, a new field gets dynamically added to the column.But the problem i face is that when i add several rows,in order to add the new...
  9. How to generate unique ids for each element at runtime

    in the example below,when i add several columns and select an option from the combo box it doesnt get added in the correct place

  10. Column layout is not getting rendered properly.the error message is Object doesnt support this property or method

    the code is below

    var CaseEditor=new Ext.Panel(
    autoScroll :...
  11. The file is getting opened in the mozila firefox but not opening in internet explorer

    it is displaying message:Internet explorer cannot open the internet site
  12. combo box not getting added in column layout.code is below

  13. can anyone share me a example code on Adding check box in a combo box & the combo box should be populated with all the selected values.i think i have to use the plugins config but a example would help
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    In the Attachment,there is a button like triangle whch when clicked should collapse and expand.

    I searched all the examples in the Sencha website but not able to find one.
    please help
  15. Issue is the code


    var a=Ext.getCmp('TreeText');
  16. I need to Populate a Textfield with the nodes text based on the selection of node in a tree

    Below is what i tried:

    var flag= node.getId().text;
  17. Radio buttons not getting displayed in firefox - Please help
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    Is there any rich text editor present in Ext JS where we can add images?
  19. I am able to delete a single row from a grid but facing problem in Deleting multiple rows using check box from a grid

    can anyone share me the code for Deleting multiple rows using check box from...
  20. If i dont use the xtype as radiogroup the shake is not occurring

    But how can i be defining xtype as radio each time for a radiogroup?
  21. Yes.I am using Custom CSS in my app.But removing the CSS also when the radio buttons get painted on the screen there is a movement from left to right.

    Jgarcia,i have seen your screencast and ...
  22. Radio buttons are shaking when delivered on screen or when mouse
    is moved over it.

    But when i set the hideLabel as true,the radiobuttons are not shaking

    Here is the Code

    var Integer...
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    I changed the name of second radiogroup and its working now
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    I have 2 radio groups.Based on the click on a radio button in the first radiogroup,second radiogroup appears.The problem is when i click a button in the second radiogroup,the click i made in the...
  25. Thanks.Its working now.The new problem i face now is that when i set textfield as disabled,the lablel is also appearing grayed out.
    how to make the fieldlabel look normal?
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