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    Thanks for this Grate job.

    here is another online designer :
  2. Could you please give me a sample code ?

  3. thank you,

    but is there a way that I use loadMask when user clicks a node?!

    Thanks again
  4. Hi everybody,

    I have a treePanel and each node's children is loaded on demand,
    What I want is to show a Loadmask (or something ) that shows this node's child's is loading.
    I couldn't find a way...
  5. Hello again,

    I have a TreePanel form , and the problem is that when I try to open this form for more than once,
    It's not opened at all or some parts are not rendered correctly if opened!

  6. Hi,

    I have a form which is used for data entry and there is a "textfield" on the form that needs to have a different "inputMask" every time depending on a particular condition,
    so what I need is...
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    this might help you :

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    this link helped me solve the problem

    thank you both:)
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    yes I am,

    I couldn't find any "getDialog" method in that part.
    if you could tell me exactly how to do ,I would be VERY thank full !
    you know I'm newbie to ExtJs.
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    I think the picture attached,shows the problem!
    when a third window (or MessageBox) is shown from the second window, its not accessible.

    first form :

    LedgerGroupWin = new...
  11. for those who may have the same problem:

    String rsp = "{success: false,message: '" + e.getResponseText() + ".'}";

  12. Hi,

    I'm using this code to submit a form :

    waitTitle:'Connecting to server...',
    waitMsg:'Sending Data...',
  13. I changed :

  14. I have a Store that is defined like this and my grid panel is bound to it :

    var status =1;

    var ds = new{
  15. Thank you,
    that's what I was looking for .

    sorry about my primary questions!!!
    I used to develop desktop applications using C# and now EVERYTHING has changed ... I'm learning Java , Java Script...
  16. Hi again !

    I have data Store, and here is the code that generates my store :

    var id = myRecord!=null ? myRecord.get('id'): '0';

    var ds = new{
    autoLoad: false,
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    My understanding from "Ext.PagingToolbar" is that :
    this component gets a Url and retrieves all the data available on the server side.and then splits the data into pages
    set by "pageSize:" and...
  18. Thank you both,

    since I have some "actioncolumn" columns in the grid there might still be some problems
    eg: user might click on a cell (which is not editable but still clickable and changing...
  19. Hi,
    I have a form that is used for data Entry ,viewing and modify the saved records.
    but when viewing data I need the editorGridPanel to be read only so that user can not make any changes.
  20. Thank you solved the problem
  21. Hi,

    I have a form that is used for data entry.there is a grid and a Store in this form ,
    when I try to load the data from server the jason is returned correctly in response but the problem is...
  22. Hi,
    there is a form in which I have a grid that is bound to "ds".
    this form has a parameter and "ds" will use that parameter "id" to get desired data from server.
    everything goes fine and Jason...
  23. My form is somehow like an Invoice which has some fields on header part and also a grid that's for the items(the rows).
    All I need is to submit the whole form so that i can get the data (the header...
  24. I've set "standardSubmit:true" for the formpanel ,...problem still exists
    and couldn't find the difference between
    params and jsonData !! should I pass the stroe through this property(jsonData) ?...
  25. this is the code I'm using for save button handler and defining the store
    hope it helps...

    and thank you

    var ds = new{
    autoLoad: true,...
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