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  1. Make sure you have downloaded the absolute latest version:

    We have the EAP and Beta versions time-bombed to stop working at specific dates, and that...
  2. Thanks for the request! We have this on our list already, but I've linked this thread to that ticket.
  3. Ah, no. Development of the Chrome extension has stopped, and I wouldn't expect any of the new features or improvements in Sencha Inspector to make their way back to the Chrome extension.
  4. Correct, the Chrome extension does not catch any "errors" or "failures" in the layout runs.
  5. 6.0.0.BETA-16 is the correct version, so that's the first question I was going to ask.

    When I double click the installer (SenchaInspector_macos_6_0_0_BETA-16, the thing you get after unzip) I get...
  6. Thanks! I have opened a ticket in our bug tracker -- I may be able to get this in before GA.
  7. Can you tell me what version of Ext/Touch you're using?

    I believe the bug lies there... we piggy-back on the frameworks to tell us what browser you're inside, so it's possible that whatever...
  8. We would like to get to that point.

    Is it possible for you to create a small Sencha Fiddle that has a layout run error? That way I have a test case and can prioritize this :-)
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    We're working towards that (in some form), but we simply need to improve positive filtering first.
  10. We have thought very hard about that problem... but we constantly run into the issue of state.

    Sencha Inspector shows you the current state of an application -- components in the UI, stores that...
  11. Bruce, can you take a screnshot for me? That will help to debug the issue.

    Also tell me what version of Sencha Inspector you have, and what versions of Cmd/Ext your client app is running.
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    http://localhost:3000 is where Sencha Inspector lives, by default -- but you shouldn't be accessing it in your browser, it won't work there.

    Is the app you're running on WAMP also on port 3000? If...
  13. Very strange... well I'm glad it works for you locally :-)
  14. Honestly I don't know much about using a project in Eclipse with Tomcat... but "sencha app refresh" is almost always required when you edit app.json.

    If this route continues to be problematic for...
  15. Did you run "sencha app refresh" in Sencha Cmd?
  16. Do me a favor and check two things:
    (1) In the Demo App (running in your browser), open the developer tools and check your network tab -- see if there is a 404 on "inspector.js"
    (2) Check your...
  17. I had to edit your code in order to better read it... and if I have done so correctly, the "path" to inspector.js in your app.json is commented out.
  18. Yes, that's a known issue with our installer. Fixing that problem is a high priority for the upcoming GA release -- sorry about the confusion.
  19. Hm, I'll have to ask one of my colleagues to chime in re: it not being a part of the Ext6 examples. I wasn't aware of that.

    What features are missing? I don't have a specific list, but the most...
  20. Not completely... the Page Analyzer still does some things that Inspector does not yet offer.

    I am hoping (but can't promise) that our GA release will get to feature-parity with the Page Analyzer,...
  21. Yes, we are aware of that issue and have corrected it in an upcoming Beta release. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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    You must have the original EAP download, which was time-bombed to only work until 8/1. You can download the Beta, which will expire on 9/1 I think.
  23. Might be a bug on our end, though if you're the first (and only) person to report this it could just be on your end. I'll double-check the installer for the next release just to be sure.
  24. This is a long shot, but I see there is a space in your folder "Sencha Inspector" under /Applications/ -- can you remove that space ("SenchaInspector")?

    I'd like to rule out that being a simple...
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    Hi Bruce,

    When did you download Sencha Inspector? We have a time bomb on the EAP that ended on 8/1/15 -- that might explain your issue. You can download the Beta version here (time-bomb set for...
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