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  1. Some more info for you guys.

    TL;DR: use the wkwebview plugin here:

    This'll have some other implications you'll have to workaround. CORS...
  2. I'm also seeing this. Let me know if you guys have any update. One of the things I'm looking at is if it happens on the iOS9 beta. If not an acceptable approach would be to adapt the wkwebview...
  3. Apparently I don't have permission to view that link...
  4. yes i haven't posted at the blog for a while, sorry! specific first time user issues let me know and i'll write something up. Albanx, if you do write a guide and want somewhere to publish it, let me...
  5. you now need cordova for any native packaging.sorry for the brief post earlier, had a baby on my lap! You want something like: sencha cordova com.domain.package; sencha app build native
  6. look up cordova sencha cmd support.
  7. I'm actually using overrides currently to split large controllers into modular files. I feel 99% sure this was advised by a sencha blog post once upon a time. So I'm not overriding the class as much...
  8. This might be the first time I've ever actually used Time Machine to retrieve files...!

    Here's a link to dropbox download as it wouldn't let me upload a file here:...
  9. No luck with getting a response to this bug report in the Sencha Touch bug report forums so reporting here as it's likely an issue with Cmd.

    Touch version tested:

    Touch 2.4.1
    Sencha Cmd...
  10. Touch version tested:

    Touch 2.4.1
    Sencha Cmd v5.1.2.52
    Browser versions or Packager version tested against:

    Sencha Native Cordova
    Device and OS tested against:

  11. If all you're looking to do is store one global value, absolutely that makes total sense! Store and model should only be used when you are modelling objects in terms of sets of fields, and then...
  12. I don't think you understand how models and stores work. I think a good first step would be to go to the docs and read what each part does. I also wrote a lengthy blog post about it here:

  13. Either commit to using local storage => sencha model/store system => your code, or abandon it and go back to your previous method.In other words, the answer is, don't try and get it from the local...
  14. Thanks for the clarification Arthur. So it sounds like Touch is not going away, just that there will be an additional 3rd product that will basically be both products in one? Wish I was coming to...
  15. Hi,

    Today's mailout mentions that Ext.JS and Touch are merging.

    Is it Sencha's plan to charge a per end-user fee to apps packaged using cordova and distributed via app stores in the future? I...
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    It works for me using, '_blank', 'location=no,enableViewportScale=yes');

    This may not be the answer to your problem, but you can have Sencha CMD package up a Cordova app. Ie, use...
  17. Why don't you just edit the HTML of index.html so instead of the loadingIndicator, it uses CSS to just again show your startup image in the same dimensions?
  18. I never knew that! I've always used refs for everything. It's good practice I guess in case you accidentally assign a complex ref to the same thing as another component's xtype.

    In that case one...
  19. I believe you are missing the ref config. Under control you need another config key, ref: { 'myviewport': 'myviewport' }

    Control can't directly reference xtypes. Control references components that...
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    I think you may be wrong there. If a company has a budget for a project, and sencha takes up $5k, you're going to need to bid $5k less for your services than a competitor using open source would.
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    TBH I'm not sure what people expect companies to do other than maximise profits. That's certainly what I try to do. The argument is that from our view point this is an absurd decision if Sencha do...
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    Glad to have been of help!

    A further tip is to observe the painted event of your own viewport component and only hide the splashscreen then (you can use { single: true } on the listener too)
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    I'm not seeing this issue. Has anyone tried using the cordova plugin to manually hide the splashscreen? I am doing this in my app with zero crashes.

    My workflow goes:
    - load all persistent data...
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    I think it's worth Sencha asking themselves, "are the majority of our customers corporate entities because they're the only ones interested in javascript frameworks of these types, OR, is it because...
  25. Use Cordova.
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