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    Monkey control

    Very nice rodiniz. You do cool stuff.

    Thank for showin
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    Doing a layout? Using class not id?

    Here are some things I'll toss out, I was unable to recreate still, but here are some things to look at

    Are you using this for a layout? I do not see layout code and when I tried to add a layout...
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    Tough to recreate

    Is there any way you can provide a way to recreate this? (I.e. code that works and code that does not?).

    I know code is generally "well distributed", but if there is anyway you can provide some...
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    If you get the root already ...

    After reading your main entry again, it seems you may have the first folder list but when you click the folder, it just turns into an image from a folder and shows no content.

    If that is the case,...
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    Here are tips to getting this to work ...

    I am not an official Ext staffer - but I was able to get this working in a Notes environment.

    Here are some tips.

    1) Your php file should be looking for 'node' as a parameter.
    2) Regardless...
  6. What I did ...

    Here is what I was able to "hack in" to get it working by ignoring the read only property and setting the indicators myself.

    Hoping for a better solution:

    //... added catch to see if vis...
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    Was able to make this work .. details ...

    Here is another method that does not use the var outside the tree. Not that it matters. Just FYI in case you see this type of implementation as well.

    var TreeMaker = function(){ //...
  8. Post as feature request?

    I have been through the docs again and it seems the pressed is read only and the toggle actually runs the toggle. I can imagine there are many cases where the item effected by the toggle button is...
  9. Update pressed without using toogle in Toolbar.Button?

    Is there a way to turn the "pressed" indicator of a Ext.Toolbar.Button off or on without using toggle?

    I want to track when a layout is open or closed and set the pressed indicator accordingly but...
  10. I was not expecting anything ...

    Jack, I wrote a special process to track all loaded objects and content panels and a master cleanup object. I am not just killing the dom and then complaining that it broke.

    Please consider...
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    Using basic code ...

    Here is the code, pretty basic.

    var Tree = Ext.tree;

    var tree = new Tree.TreePanel('somelabel'), {
    loader: new...
  12. Please provide details when docs come out

    Many hours are spent chasing down what was needed here. When the documentation comes out, can you include cleanup items that are internal? It seems like making one function and documenting that...
  13. How to enable JS debugging for I.E.

    In Tools - Internet Options - Advanced Tab there is an option called:

    Disable Script Debugging (Internet Explorer)

    Uncheck this, when you get an error it will ask if you want to debug.

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    Bug in TreeLoader ?

    I have to use an ugly hack in order to get the tree loader to work correct doing an async load from a server which wants the node parameter.

    Here is the root of the problem I am running into:
  15. TreePanel control says registered with Ext.dd.ScrollManager

    When I load a tree control inside of a layout and then remove it, there are "parts hanging around" causing errors.

    Here is the setup and the error.

    I load a ContentPanel object into a...
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    Ext.tree.TreeLoader.getParams - calls params as string ?

    Note: I moved the bug note that was here into the bugs forum.
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    So coded creation of the div tag is required

    Judging by the fact that this shows how to implement version 2 in a nice easy way ...

    I assume those are my only options (1,2 and 3) and that if I need to load the same page twice I have to...
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    How about for a component like toolbar

    Animal - thanks for the info. In order to create say a toolbar component I have to supply a base element, usually give a "div id".

    From the examples (this assumes a div tag on the form with...
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    Just so you know ...

    What I was trying to do was make a component that can be reloaded many times with out a conflict with div tags and without having to do as done above - and dynaically create all div tags.

    I have...
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    Inventor - Yes :)

    A genuine genius and inventor is Jack
    As hard as you work, its time to give back
    Your not just a dreamer but a creator instead
    Your newest baby may be the next sliced bread

    I paypal'd you a...
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    If your problem is loading as sub pages in content panels ..

    If the problem your having is that using the div tags cause the same page loaded twice to load it's control into the 1st pages div tag .. then read on.

    I am new - so bare with me with some of this...
  22. Thank you so much!

    Very nice - I am using 1.0 Alpha, so with a minor update - I was able to get this working.

    Now I just add one more include file with the below mod and presto - fixed.

    I now understand how to do...
  23. Thanks for clarification

    I have no problem with the fact that this should be fixed by user side logic. The problem I am having is figuring out how to do this. Apparently is it not that easy or someone would say .. here add...
  24. Code not hit before error

    The code in UpdateManager.processSuccess.SortTypes.asText is never hit before the syntax error - can you provide a bit more detail as to how to accomplish this?

    I provided an easy way to...
  25. Where to override?

    And since I can not change the source of the server output, I must use an overridden version.

    Can anyone provide help on how to strip out the content of html and where?
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