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  1. Others having same issue

    It's not Sencha error, but Sencha needs to pay attention and maybe help with finding the...
  2. It's a browser problem, most likely. Once err starts it goes on til browser restarted

    I killed the browser and restarted it - then navigated to ST KitchenSink and had no problem, no exceptions in the beginning. Then after doing different things on different pages, dreaded timeout...
  3. Ditto for ST 2.0 Kitchen Sink - timeout exception right away in iOS 5 iPad 2.

    Using same iPad 2 upgrade to iOS 5, navigating to, got "Javascript execution exceeded timeout" exception and a blank screen.
  4. Rendering of Floating components causes to grow indefinitely.

    Hello, Dean.

    Thank you for the suggestion. The problem is that our floating panels contribute maybe 15% to the growth of the document body size, while the rest is done by drop-down panels and...
  5. It's a production impediment

    Dear Sencha folks,

    We are using Touch framework for a large-scale LOB application used by real-world fortune 500 customers on a pilot basis. So far we are not impressed with your ability to...
  6. Floating panels are added on every show() but not removed on hide()

    Sencha Touch version tested:


    only default ext-all.css
    Platform tested against:

    Windows Chrome 12.0.742.122 m
    Windows Safari 5.1
  7. Replies

    +1. Floating panels are mangled if zoom is not 100%.

    I am having problems with zoom too.

    To reproduce,
    - Go to Kitchen Sink sample at
    - Hit Ctrl+ in Chrome and then navigate to any screen...
  8. Yes, it needed name to be specified.

    Thank you! That was it. It needed a name.
  9. ST 1.1: Date picker field sets field text to 0//Y

    Using Sencha Touch 1.1.

    I have a form panel where all fields work fine, including spinners, etc. But datepickerfield does not work properly - it allows picking a date but after I tap Done button,...
  10. 1.1: Toggle field setValue() causes an exception

    Using ST 1.1.

    Trying to replace a checkbox on a floating form panel with a toggle. Replacing checkbox's check() and uncheck(), which worked perfectly, with toggle's setValue(1) and setValue(0),...
  11. ST 1.1: Select field on a toolbar doesn't work in iPhone

    Using ST 1.1.

    I have a Select field with a few items on a toolbar. It works fine on iPad and PC (Chrome): tapping the field brings up drop-down select list, but tapping the field in iPhone and...
  12. Store bound to a List makes List fail when a store.insert() is called.

    Using ST 1.1.

    Can successfully populate a store and then bind it to a list. However, when attempting to call store.insert(index, modelinstance) after a store is bound to a list, an exception below...
  13. [INFOREQ] Programmatic List selection change fails until list is shown


    Using Touch 1.1.0.

    I tried to initialize List selected item before and after list's initComponent(), but it fails until the list was displayed at least once. So, expected behavior:...
  14. Thanks a lot eboyer. This actually works. I hope...

    Thanks a lot eboyer. This actually works. I hope sencha team have fixed this issue in their latest version.
  15. Google Maps is not rendering properly after changing the device Orientation

    Sencha Touch version tested:


    only default ext-all.css
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