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  1. Hi Sencha Team! Could you update the Drag and Drop guide for Ext JS 6.
    It is missing HTML source code and would be nice to have a Fiddle to follow it.
  2. Hi friends!
    I have a permission-based navigation that is loaded when app is ready and would like to load children using my Restful API.

    Is there anyone who got a woking example using a...
  3. Did you run sencha app refresh classic after upgrading?
    When The error accured? at the upgrade command process or running app?
  4. thanks for sharing
  5. Will be released under GPL too?
  6. How did you upgrade your app?
  7. Hi I could see that Ext JS 6.0.1 is now available at Sencha Fiddle. Has sencha announced officialy? Where is the GPL zip file? the links to Ext 6.0.0 version. I was...
  8. Hi, I received the e-mail. I will let Greivin make the decision, I don't have experiences about the suitable licence. I am favor for completely free distribution, Maybe can be dual licenced under MIT...
  9. Thanks for your response. this works as a charm, Now I need to use pt_BR locale instead of overriding Ext.util.Format on the fly. But ext-locale-pt_BR.js never loaded only the namespaced classes
  10. Is there any know issue about loading locale files?
    For example,
    ext-locale-pt_BR.js is never loaded when you specify locale: "pt_BR" and require "locale" package in app.json.

    I was deep...
  11. Ext version tested:

    Ext 6.0.0 rev 640
    Browser versions tested against:

    Google Chrome 45 and Mozilla Firefox 40.0.3
    DOCTYPE tested against:

  12. Could you explain how to take route 2? Thanks.
  13. Could someone share any workaround? thanks in advance
  14. Could you share your overrides? I am facing the same problem.

    Thanks in advance.
  15. Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you!!!!!!!
  16. +1 , It would be nice to see scrollers improvents for classic toolkit.

    Hey Sencha, How about to tag this as a feature request?

  17. Try to use the setRoot() method to rebuild nodes

    expanded: true,
    children: yourTreeDataObjHere
  18. So Sorry, but treelist really doesn't have this event I have mentioned, I thought Treelist was extended from TreePanel, but not, I will also to try implement this function and if I have succes be...
  19. Nice to know you have your problem solved. You're Welcome
  20. I think you are not required do return success property in you json response. If you are using RESTful API, you will need to return HTTP status for each expection and automaticaly proxy will get it...
  21. +1; hhaha Tritom theme is not a fully web font icon theme anymore.
  22. This is happening because the treelist event listened is the selectionchange, that is fired only when selection is changed Try listening to another treeview event, maybe itemclick that will be fired...
  23. Any public date? Will be done in Ext JS 6.0.1?
  24. Replies
    Hey guys, Will be fixed in Ext JS 6.0.1?
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    any workaround? will be fixed in Ext JS 6.0.1?
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