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    My Solution

    Here is how I solved the problem just incase anyone views this thread:

  2. Problem Solved

    Thanks a ton Jamie, with a bit of tweaking for my specifications this solved my problem. I ran into a slight snag trying to grab coordinates while keeping cross browser compatibility between, Chrome,...
  3. Listener Sample

    I add the event as seen in my code originally posted. Basically, after the view is painted, I call this code chunk in the corresponding function among other code...:

    var canvas =...
  4. I have tried every touch event

    The click event works in the standalone canvas through the android browser, but yes, I've already tried tap, touchstart, touchend, mouseup, mousedown, click... nothing seems to work at all. I thought...
  5. HTML 5 Canvas Click/touchstart Events Not Working in Android Browser in SenchT2B3 App

    Version: Sencha Touch Beta3

    I'm building an application that uses the HTML5 canvas element for various parts of my application. I am tracking certain areas that are clicked based on X,Y coords and...
  6. [CLOSED] Can I Trigger Native Keyboard Support?

    That's an awkward HTML5 issue, I did end up using a textfield instead with the keyup listener, however, it would suck to lose the native keyboard support for the numberfield.

    I'm developing the...
  7. [CLOSED] value also defaults to 0 instead of clearing field when clicking native x

    Im not sure if this is the intended behavior for the numberfield when clearing the value by clicking the x on the right side of the input, but currently it does not completely clear the field, it...
  8. [CLOSED] Numberfield - any numbers after 15 are changed to zeros onblur

    I have a number field defined like so:

    xtype: 'numberfield',
    name: 'ccnumber',
    id: 'ccnumber',
    label: 'Card Number',
    required: true,
    minLength: 12,
  9. Updated Code + Beta1 Fixed Bug

    Thank you for your replies, it seems that Beta1 fixed the code, albeit I had to make some code changes due to the update. I see what you mean about layout:'fit', it was messing up my lists and other...
  10. Checkbox:true attribute not working in custom view, possible bug?

    I didn't want to post this in the bugs section because I can't confirm it, I'm still relatively new to touch; coming over from ExtJs. I'm creating a view for a login form and for whatever reason,...
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    use a renderer and call a function that could...

    use a renderer and call a function that could handle the formatting... based on your format you could replace the '(' with a space and just remove the ) through a function.... an example is as so:
  12. This is how I did it for a grid, maybe it will...

    This is how I did it for a grid, maybe it will help you to adapt to a method... otherwise, if you are using php you could <? echo $variable ?> into the parameter to make the checkbox select itself,...
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    How are you trying to use this hyperlink? If it...

    How are you trying to use this hyperlink? If it is in an ExtJs component you can most likely specify an html paramter like so:

    customHtmlPanel = new Ext.Panel({
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    Jacob, On what exactly are you using this...


    On what exactly are you using this tooltip? More explanation and some code samples may suffice for an answer...
  15. I've added a hide method to it and it still...

    I've added a hide method to it and it still doesn't work... this is the code I tried using:

    hide : function(){
    if(this.fireEvent('beforehide', this) !== false){
  16. Custum Form Field Extension - Doesn't disappear when clicked off in grid

    I wrote a custom form field extension comprised of a textfield and combobox. Everything is working great, except when I implement the field inside of a grid. When I double click the cell, my custom...
  17. I have solved my own issue, here is the solution:...

    I have solved my own issue, here is the solution:

    var curSelections =;

    var selectedRecords = new Array();
    for (var i = 0; i <...
  18. Get grid rowIndex value for checkbox pre-selection

    I am trying to preselect checkboxes in a grid based on what is saved in my database. I'm using two stores for this, storeOne loads all of my records, storeTwo loads records that were previously...
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    Awesome, thanks Brian your the man! I'll be...

    Awesome, thanks Brian your the man! I'll be working with the calendar pretty heavily for another 1-2 weeks, I'll shoot back any more pertinent feedback / questions if I come across them. Thanks again!
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    My application sends text messages out, which...

    My application sends text messages out, which only requires a start date/time... basically in my DB the start and end date are the same and I've modified the DateRangeField.js file to only show start...
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    Disable Calendar Day/Week View Event Resize

    Is there any way or a specific property to disable resizing in the 3.3 beta calendar for Day/Week views? I looked at the 3.3 docs and didn't see anything, any help is much appreciated!

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    Copy To Clipboard Button

    After searching the web and forums for a copy to clipboard solution, I came up with my own. For my application I needed a button in my tbar that could copy my specific string to the clipboard. IE...
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    Condor - standardSubmit:true won't work and...

    Condor - standardSubmit:true won't work and everything I've seen about ScriptTagProxy is for getting remote data... if there is any information out there on how to use ScriptTagProxy with a formpanel...
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    Form Post To External URL

    I have had no luck posting a formpanel to an external URL... In my application I have need for my clients to include a server side script that I supply them... everything works fine if I run the...
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    Yay! Thanks edspencer, my boss can pull the gun...

    Yay! Thanks edspencer, my boss can pull the gun away from my head now, lol j/p.... I appreciate the response!
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