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  1. Thanks,

    Great ! When do you think it will be available/released ?

    And what about not cancelling the editor if scrolling occurs ? Is it possible to manage the editor with the scrolling...
  2. Hi Darkwolfe,

    I noticed another point : When I edit a cell, and I scroll horizontaly (a treegrid with a horizontal scrolbar), the edit cell doesn't follow the column.
    It stays on place as if it...
  3. Hi Darkwolfe,

    First of all, again, thank you for your help, your answers are very useful.


    I will have a look and try to modify the code in order to fit it with my needs.

  4. Hi Darkwolfe,

    Thank you very much for your help.


    Works, but I noticed another problem after that, when I edit a branch, after validating, it steps directly to the next branch (in edit...
  5. Hi,

    Very nice component, thank you very much.
    I have some remarks :
    1) When I double click on a cell to edit the content and that cell is part of line that is not a leaf, it toogles...
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