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  1. by the way, i'm using buffered view
  2. Hi,

    I am having problems with the alignment of the grid cell when white-space: normal. I looked everywhere in this forum and googled it and can't find any answer regarding this issue.

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    thanks. ill give it a shot.
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    can i know how did you do it? im also having the same kind of problem.

  5. thanks it is already working.
  6. thanks, ill try that.
  7. hi,

    can i know what autoCreate does?

    "autoCreate: {tag: 'input', type: 'text', size: '20', autocomplete: 'off', maxlength: '10'} "

    i've tried putting it in my config but nothing happens,...
  8. thanks for your quick response.
  9. does anyone knows the solution to this problem? i am encountering this also.
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    I have a paging grid wherein when the user scrolls up or down, there'll be a display message that will appear indicating the number of the displayed records. (e.g "Showing 5-20 of 110).
    my question...
  11. If i change the value of margin from -1px to 1px, the alignment in ie8 is correct but not in ie7 and ie6. how can i only call a specific class for ie8 only for this?thanks
  12. actually i didn't include it. i was hoping for a solution that only involes manipulation of css. but anyway, i'll try to include this js as well.
    thanks for all the help
  13. hi, I think .ext-ie6 .x-item-disabled button is never called because there are no changes made in my page. actually i added a background:red; to the styles for me to visibly see the changes.
  14. thanks,I'll try this one out. [.ext-ie6 .x-item-disabled button {filter:alpha(opacity=100);}]
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    Hi,Why is that the x-item-disabled class of ext-all.css is being called and rendered correctly in IE7 and not in IE6?
  16. Good day,

    can anyone help me whit this problem. I can't seem to find a way how to set the style of a disabled button in ie6. in ff .x-item.disabled is being called but in ie6, it is not.
  17. Can anyone help me with this, I don't know what is the default class that extjs calls for a disabled button. Moreover, what is the use of x-btn-disabled class? i can't seem to see the changes of it....
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    anyone solved this problem? the text inside the button looks unreadable and i wan to change the color of it. can anyone help me with this?
  19. Hi,

    I'm new here and new to extjs. Can someone help me how to change the style of a disabled button. My main problem is how can I change the text color of a button? By the way, I'm using IE...
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