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  1. Getting an actual painted/shown event on each item would be awesome. Do you know if that is in the works? Or even possible? Or i planed... estimated release date?
  2. Yes it does sound familiar. And why the hell aren't you on vacation? :)

    Using straight up itemTpl : <img src ="..." works a lot better. I haven't used Ext.Img. Problem is as i said on twitter,...
  3. I dont really understand your question but anyway the only solution I found that works well with sencha build is declaring a utility function like mitchell recommended in another post:
  4. i tried'img').each(function(el,c){
    Ext.get(el.dom).addListener('load', function()

    it doesnt...
  5. @mitchellsimoens ...your code works only on the first img. Using .query() return html objects not ext.element. Clues?
  6. Right. What i'm trying to achieve is something similar to google+. A list of images, gaps between them, and some text put on them. Btw in the end the app will be phonegap wrapped.

    What is the best...
  7. I declare the global variable inside Ext.application like this

    Ext.application({ name: 'mobuy',
    baseURL = ""

    i use it in my stores like this
  8. not an issue atm becasue
    1. i moved from architect to straight up sencha unfortunately. Not having xtemplates was the thing that made me change.
    2. one can just use myconf:0 instead of null i guess
  9. This only happens when I load the page from homescreen. It works great in safari mobile and chrome desktop. I am using Sencha Architect. Am I missing something? I know that when I will wrap it native...
  10. As soon as I'm near my code I'll post it. Im not calling constructor.
  11. Myeah.. I guess I just figured out that if I animate the height, everything inside of that container that's percentage defined will scale, something that I do not want. So yes, basically animate the...
  12. Assume we have a parent container P. We have two children containers C1 and C2.

    C1 needs to be let's say width 100% height:200px; top:-200px;
    C2 needs to be width 100% height:100% (out of P)...
  13. Ok ok I got that part... but... umm.. how should i do it? have the 2 containers inside another container and then what? i get that I am changing the height but my predicament is that I would need the...
  14. Anybody has any tips about how this layout could be obtainable? Basically I need two containers, the top one being very thin or zero height, and when a button is pressed the top container expands to...
  15. got it to work like this tho

    var els ="div.coupon_cont", true);

    But grrrrr......
  16. var targets ='div[class=myclass]');


    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'addCls' of undefined
  17. I have a carousel with items that are containers with a very specific tpl. What I'm trying to do is this:

    activeitemchange -> select all dom elements that have a class of myclass -> add a class to...
  18. nvm i added the code in the initialized event

    two questions:
    1. Is it by any chance triggering both tap and swipe at the same time when doing a swipe? Or is it doing that just in chrome because...
  19. awesome. any way to declare initialize in SA?
  20. Let's assume I have a container which has a tpl of

    <div class="test1">
    <div class="test2">
  21. FYI its fixed if you set the parent container layout to "fit" and centered:true on the child
  22. unfortunately it doesn't work

    Ext.define('test.view.test', { extend: 'Ext.Container',
    alias: 'widget.test',

    config: {
    style: 'height:100%',
    layout: {
  23. Assume I have Container>Container
    I would like the second container to be width:90%, height:80% of it's parent and horizontally centered inside it. How can I get this result?
  24. i can answer to number 4 that its not necessary. I did it and will post a solution soon.

    ps. i can betatest 2.1 if you need another person :P
  25. Replies
    Hi. I'm injecting an array of custom xtype container into the items of a carousel. Problem is I need x-innnerhtml to be height:100%. I tried adding those rules into css but it doesn't work. What...
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