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  1. .x-form-cb-label{
    margin-left: 4px;
    position: relative;
    top : 0px !important;

    this can help.
  2. addition to above post

    to display unread counter beside folder name, we have to use <span>

    so in comparing string with text (if you use property config) symobs '>', '<' will destroy sorting...
  3. for my app, i am using sortType for my tree.
    function in sortType returns me folder's name (records's display_name property), on which i want to sort.

    var v1 = sortType ? sortType(n1) :...
  4. Replies

    i have following structure :
    ViewPort has leftPanel, inside leftPanel, there is 3 panels, and 2nd of them is a tree panel.
    i have tried various combination of autoScroll config within these...
  5. see if this can help
  6. Repro details
    ExtJs : 3.2.1
    browser : FF, chrome

    i have a panel which is a container for other three panels.
    now, when i place checkbox and write text in its boxLabel config, for letters of...
  7. caution :

    whenever you extend, a default constructor must be specified, even when it simply calls superclass only (a desired behavior when you do not specify constructor in...
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