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  1. Any news on i18n and ST 2.1.x ?

  2. Ext.define('Ext.form.action.StandardSubmit', {
    alias: 'formaction.standardsubmit',
    * @cfg {String} target
    * Optional target...
  3. Hey Don. It's using SA with Ext JS 4.1.x and CMD 3 not for a touch project.
  4. Sounds great Phil. Now I'm really excited.
  5. Thanks Sven. How about a ExtJS 4.1.2 App ?

    Is there a best practice to combine these or a howto?

  7. Is there a howto or best practice on how to combine these?

  8. Hmm. My 4.1.2 version (some SVN) wasn't working. With 4.1.3 no problem.
  9. Windows 7 64 Bit

    sencha -sdk .\extjs41 generate app GFinder ..\..\..senchatest
    Sencha Cmd v3.0.0.230
    [ERROR] Failed to determine framework name. Please ensure this command
    was issued...
  10. I would like to see how to integrate this

    as a...
  11. Is there a workaround to possibly replace this char with the JavaScript replace method ?

  12. Maybe you should try it with a store and a model like geek0r said.
    It seems that there is definitly a problem. Charset of all files is UTF-8 without BOM.

  13. Hi Evan,

    this was reported by one of our SEO specialists.
    According to her she selected the tab to enter a new item and then used the bullet list.
    After typing and submitting (AJAX request) the...
  14. Hello,

    I've noticed a strange character in our database. The data in the field has been submitted via the htmleditor component of Extjs 4. I was able to track down the char to:...
  15. Any new information here?
  16. I would like some information about this topic, too.

  17. choose layout fit

  18. Hi Sottilde,

    it's working very well now. Your fix to phantom.js did the trick. Now it's useable. At least for me.
    Thank you very much.

  19. Your new phantom.js works good. Solved a lot of my problems so far.
  20. Bug is still in SA2 Build 439
  21. Hi Phil,

    I already tried it with the url same result. It's true the app_auth is set by ZF but it currently doesn't matter, because there is currently not a ACL implemented. app_auth false means...
  22. I've currently made a project for our company with SA2. The project contains controllers, stores, models and views. I'm now in the process of deploying it to the server.
    I'm currently using:...
  23. SA suggest the same two function parameters: options, options
    This makes it difficult to get to the first options object which contains the create, updata, destroy models.
    You have to use...
  24. Adding a Ext.grid.feature.RowBody to grid doesn't allow to set the getAdditionalData function.
    I'm currently evaluation Architect for building a company project and was planning to spent money here....
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