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  1. If you have node id then try to get the node by id and then use as follows

    taxonomyTreeLoader.on("load", function(){
    if(isQueryExecutable && singleParamDynamicQuery...
  2. combo box automatically expanded after applying your code on Ext.onReady() :):):)
  3. Hello Dear,

    I have changed the code now i want: Please give some example to make floating Grid header so that when i will scroll down with browser i can see the rows and floating header for column...
  4. Hello All,

    I need some example to make grid header floatable so that when i scroll down evrtically with browser scrollbar i can see all the rows and gridheader on Top as floating component.
  5. Replies
    Great Plugin works well. Thanks for great post. It works for me on ext 4.1.1 RC2.
  6. Still waiting for reply.
  7. Hello Dear,

    Thanks for promopt response.

    I have gridpanel with 1000 rows. so vertical scroll bar is there to navigate the rows within gridpanel. I want that my browser vertical scroll bar...
  8. Hello,

    I have tried to make Browser vertical and horizontal scroll bar as GridPanel Vertical and horizontal Scroll bar. But not able to do. Please help urgently. any Help appreciated :)
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