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  1. Hi... Thanks for the reply....

    I have some Sprite components like, rectangle , circles at some specified points. Now i want to export those contents in the panel to an image.
  2. Hi everyone,

    I have a panel with some sprite components as the content.

    Now I want to export this panel to an image / excel / pdf formats.

    Please help me in resolving this issue.
  3. Thanks for your reply...

    Can you give me an example on how to know the cell in the grid that my leaf node is dropped...
  4. I want to drag a leaf node from the tree to a particular cell in the grid.
    I want to display the name of the leaf node in that cell of the grid.
    can any body give me an example on this ?
  5. thanks for your reply... Works like a charm In IE... But Its not working in Mozilla...
  6. How to set the cursor position in the textfield to the end of the string of the textfield. And when this textfield got th focus, the cursor position should be at the end of the string and this string...
  7. Thanks for your reply Scottmartin.

    x-form-trigger-over is not working.
  8. Hi all, Iam using Extjs 4.1

    I want to display an image after a text field. For this i have used the following code.

    The image was coming perfectly. But the problem is when i focused on this...
  9. Hi,

    I am using Extjs4.1.0.

    I have a grid with an actioncolumn. I have to change the icons in this actioncolumn based on some conditions.

    I am using three getClass methods to render the...
  10. Replies

    I have a grid and a treePanel.

    I have to drag an item from the tree and drop it into the grid. For this, iam using the plugins of drag and drop for the grid and the treepanel.

    The drag...
  11. I have a problem with EXTJS 4.1 layout.
    how to set the column layout for a panel in ext 4.1.
    In mozilla its working fine.
    But in IE, it was not rendering and moreover, IE is trying to close.
  12. Thanks for ur reply Evant.

    Now, Iam facing a problem regarding a solution.

    I am creating some panels dynamically based on some condition.

    When i click on a panel at the first time, it will...
  13. Hi ,

    Can any body provide an example on Ext.table.Panel in Extjs 4.
  14. Hi Sword,

    Thanks for ur reply..

    I have tried using the code u have sent in the "renderer" of the child.

    But, there is no renderer property for the children of the tree.

    Can u please help...
  15. Hi,

    I need to display the text of the child nodes appended with dots (...) if it exceeds a certain length...

    How to do this..

    Please help me..
  16. Hi,

    I have to reduce the length of the text of the child nodes of the tree in extjs 4.0.2.

    I want to display the text appended with dots(...) , if the text exceeds certain limit.

    I have...
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