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  1. Inorder to rectify the issue i gave constrainTo for the panel. But now the problem is that when resizing I can sometimes resize that resizable item slightly outside of the Container. This has already...
  2. new width and height are correct..but when i try to get the position of the resized panel using the function

    Panel.resizer.on("resize", function (oResizable, iWidth, iHeight, e) {...}it is...
  3. i have an extjs panel which is resizable. I need to calculate the x and y position of the panel after resize event. so far i have done this

    Panel.resizer = new Ext.Resizable(Panel.el, {
  4. I am using tree editor. I need the tree node to become editable only when it is double clicked. So far I have done this

    var tree = new Ext.tree.TreePanel({
    root: this.getChildren(),
  5. Can anybody help please
  6. i have an extjs tree. I need to iterate through all the nodes in this tree. my tree have the structure
    --- node1
    I need to...
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    I need to extend a panel with resizable property. This is what i did so far

    Ext.override(Ext.Panel, {
    // private
    initEvents: function () {

  8. Still no updates..Can anybody help please..
  9. By using an extjs grid, Is it possible to select multiple rows and group them from the user interface?
  10. I have an extjs grid. What i need is when i click on a button i need to add a new grouping into the grid. What we usually do is define the groupField in the code itself and when the grid is...
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    any solutions?? please help
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    i have an editor grid on which i can reorder the rows by dragging them. When i drag a row to another position, i need to highlight that row.

    For example, i need to drag a row from pos 5 to pos 4....
  13. Excellent.. this was what i was looking for..thanks a lot .. :)
  14. To make it simpler... Is there any way to get row indexes of multiple rows?
  15. I have an extjs grid and i have used checkbox selection model.When i select multiple rows and click on a button I need to get the row indexes of each of selected rows. Currently i have done is
  16. scarsick,
    i have used removeAll property earlier, but what happens is that after removing all the items from the container using removeall, when i try to add another panel into the...
  17. I have a panel container which contains several sub panels (these sub panels are added dynamically) inside that.
    I need to remove all the panels in the container panel when a button is clicked. ...
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    Is it possible to customize extjs slider. I need to use another image for slider bar and thumb. Any help would be appreciated.
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    I am using a dataview to display few images. For each image i need to show a tooltip. The tooltip should contain html and an image. tooltip content will be different for different dataview elements....
  20. I have created a mac style doc menu using jquery. I need to load the menu items dynamically. So i thought of using extjs. Is it possible to produce the same effect inside extjs dataview. I did copy...
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    Does extjs support local paging? if yes, can anyody paste a sample code?
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    I have tried setWidth but i am not getting the desired animation effect..
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    Is there any functionality to toggle the width in Extjs . In jquery we could achieve this by the following code

    $('#toggle-button').toggle(function() {
  24. I am looking for a image organizer kind of example. In the case of image organizer when we drag an image from album and drop it in a directory, the image stays in the album at the same time a...
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    thanks Skirtle,
    I will give a try this week..
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