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  1. Thank you this worked!!! :)
  2. arrowCls does not work, giving an arrowCls removes the click functionality.
  3. I apologise for doing this, I just thought that my issue is not version dependent so people viewing any of the forum, will be able to help.
    Well you have always been of great help, would love to...
  4. How do i increase the width of the clickable region which opens the menu in Split button.

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    Thanks so much, this works :)
    But it would have been better, if I could understand the problem when using iconCls.
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    This isn't working for me.
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    In button when i put iconAlign: top. it takes the icon to the top but does not center it, still keeping it left aligned. it's center aligned in the example, don't know what am i doing wrong?

  8. listeners:{
    beforeremove: function(e){
    return false;

    This prevents removal of the panel, but removes the header
    Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong.
    Please find...
  9. @kleins I am not sure I understand what you mean if you say the mouse pointer didn't change, could you explain? I guess you mean, it doesn't change from arrow to cursor, at least not over the whole...
  10. =D>

    Great Work Kudos, I don't think will be having any issue, but will surely let you know if I have.
    Once again great Job and Thank you very much for sharing your work. :)


    Notes: In...
  11. Just downloaded your code,after reading your post I feel confident about it, I hope it works for me.
    Some documentation would have been really nice.
  12. Is this really an issue, because I am facing the same problem when using HTC Aria 2.2
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    Any luck with this, I am doing a very funny thing, because I am unable to run this, I reverted back to my old setup, now I make a scss file compile it in touch 1.0 and use it with touch 1.1. :s....
  14. @Andrea any suggestions would be great..
  15. Is it possible to show multiple carousel screens at one go, for eg say you have 20 images and want to show 3 images at a time, also by clicking on the last image make that image move to the center...
  16. use ext.extend to make an extension, you can easily use it in your form after that, you can also use the new keyword to make an object and then use it in your form
  17. Man you got to be clear about what you are asking.
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    There is nothing with which you can rotate, what you can do is use, other images, and just play wit hide show. You can also add and remove styles dynamically, which i think is one of the best...
  19. Just update your panel again, if it is bind to the store.
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    Please help me compile my .scss files. I have followed all the steps that other users have mentioned
    But these are not...
  21. D:\xampplite\htdocs\igenapp\core\resources>compass compile sass
    D:/Ruby186/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/sass-3.1.0.alpha.252/lib/sass/../sass/util.rb:41:in `[]': odd number of arguments for Hash (Argu...
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    Have some feelinh for the window guys, really want to see your code, but cannot. :)
  23. Actually m making an ajax call to an external server which belongs to my client.
    This is my store

    var userInfo = new{
  24. Can you please suggest me how to remov these two params.
  25. Thank you so much for the replyin.
    The information was really helpful.
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