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  1. I have a image gallery populated from store and on tap of each item (image) I need to show that image in a full screen and then on "swiping" over that picture, we shld be able to see the previous and...
  2. Hi,
    I'm working on the image gallery.
    When i select an image, it is displayed in full screen in the carousel. When i swipe, I need to fetch the next image. Instead I'm getting the first image of...
  3. Ok, but I need to know how is it possible to move the arrow pointer closer towards the button?
    or How to reduce the default offset?
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    I solved this issue :)

    on the "beforeInitialize" function I used the "painted" event and I was able to get the width.

    beforeInitialize: function(config) {
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    The problem what I am facing exactly is that I need to find the width of the data view item on the right.
    i.e I have a navigation bar on the left and the grid view on the right.
    I give an id:...
  6. Hi,
    I m having a panel which I showby a button. But by default, its comes with an offset, ie. the panel is having some offset/distance from the button close to which it is shown. Please help me how...
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    I am having a functionality like I have a panel appearing like a pop-up and then on click of a radio button I need to have some actions to be done and then destroy the panel. But its not working :(...
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    I am having a page where I have a navigation on the left hand side and an image gallery that displays images in a grid format. The Image grid has a flex equal to 7.

    I need to find the flex width...
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