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  1. I have the same issue on Firefox for Mac. Renders perfect on all other browsers. I solved the horizontal scrollbar by setting an width for each radiobutton. The vertical scrollbar remains though,...
  2. Looking forward to the response. I need the same functionality.
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    I found out (still learning daily) that I can add the [keys] property to the xtype card containing the radiogroup and have the logic on that card.

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    Hi all,

    My vision is that an wizard should be completely keydriven. The wizard is almost complete and can be viewed here:

    Now, the part which...
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    Thank you very much for posting your code. I have copied the files and tried it on my own portal but no drag and drop functionality. Any chance we might be able to dig into this?
  6. Much appreciated on the extensive post response!

    In regards to not being able to push events to the clients. I think i will solve this with an record lock flag as soon as someone is changing...
  7. Hi everyone,

    I am starting an project in ExtJs for school and would like some pointers on various questions if you would be so kind. Usually I am an hands-on guy, but in this case some digging...
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    Could you elaborate on your last sentence? Why would data entry persons be annoyed?

    note: there will be different paths that the wizard will have to take, based on existing and/or new data.
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    While working on many proof of concepts for my new application I have one issue which is currently stopping my progress.

    the case:

    I want an (non-technician) user to be able to input much...
  10. I like the revision 0.3, sublevels are a good thought!

    Currently I am working with the earlier posted wizard from MindPatterns. What I am trying to accomplish is to have some sort of dynamic card...
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    Very nice work.. handy to use when adding telephone numbers and/or email adds to an client form.

    Will use part of your code, thanks!
  12. Nice work, I have been working on the wizard of mindpatterns a lot too. However I think an quick glance of your fork is working out pretty good.

    Please post an extended example where you change...
  13. --bump/update: the older example was unclear, sorry. please visit the link again
  14. Example can be found here: testcase

    The source code is here: source

    I've been working on a simple part of our new program. We are developing an program which takes a lot of user input,...
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    I am working on the same issue at the moment. Have you found anything useful to solve this problem?

    I am thinking about adding a check to the keymap code, which checks if the current window is...
  16. Hello Kevin,
    There are some posts in this thread which explain how to overcome the issue you are having.
  17. nice work! I am going to check out the source of this shortly.

    I see that deskweather is running, are you using the updated version (which I hacked together) or are you still on the older...
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    for all people who are getting an hidden trigger textfield, please use the following code when showing/focussing your grid:

    var bar = grid.getTopToolbar();
  19. There are many posts about exactly what you're asking IN this thread. Please read all posts.
  20. I added my grid by placing the following code in the items config:

    , // create the Grid
    new Ext.grid.GridPanel({
    frame : false
    , border :...
  21. You are most welcome. With this small userbase of the wiz component we can hack and upgrade it more and more ;)
  22. After some more intensive digging I found how to do it. It has been some basic ExtJs code which I havent used earlier. Sorry for my ignorence.

    added the following code to my radioGroup:

  23. I have checked the behaviour of the Tab button. But the result you are explaining does not happen on my browsers FF3 and IE6.
  24. Hello all--

    I am trying hard to change the font size of the RadioGroup items.

    var radioGroup = new Ext.form.RadioGroup({
    hideLabel : true
    , itemCls:...
  25. important note:

    When using the event 'beforecardhide' it is fired both on next and previous buttons. This of course is not usefull.

    To avoid this I have added the following code to Wizard.js:
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