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  1. Is there any suggestion or answer for this ?
    I am facing the same problem.
  2. Could you please post your working code here?<br>I need to this functionality for my application too.<br><br>Thanks a lot!<br><br>
  3. Thanks for your replay,

    Is there any example on this?

    Thanks again!
  4. Is that possible to put a extjs form in the email body?

    Thanks a lot!
  5. flanders, Thank you so much. I got it. It works great!
  6. I am trying to use the post here, However, I cannot include

    I searched my entire ext library, I couldn't find HeaderToolTip.js at all.

    Please help!!
  7. Hi I have a grid with a action column.
    I have two buttons in this action column. I wnat one of the button to be menu list. How do I do it?
    Any help is appreciated!

    text ...
  8. Replies
    I have the same question. Did you figure out how?

    Thanks a lot!
  9. I have a form, I have a field defined as

    { fieldLabel: 'Risk',
    name: 'risk',
    labelAlign: 'left',
    xtype: 'textfield'
  10. Thanks for your reply. You got the point!!
    I found the css. It's RangeMenu.css.
  11. I am using ext 4.0.2.

    I have a grid panel wth column filtering using sample from the link below:

  12. Thank you so much. This is exactly what I want.
    You have a great weekend !!
  13. Thanks for your replay, I am very new to EXTJS. Could you have an example for it?
  14. This is the form field definition:

    I need to display color as red when the value is High.
    The color will be Orange when the value is Medium, after the value retrieved from server.

    How do I...
  15. I have a remote sorting store and I have a sorting extraParams set for the proxy.
    My business logic needs to remove this extra Parameter.
    How can I remove this extraParams from the Proxy.

  16. I have a grid panel and have a tbar defined. I want to dynamically to add a combobox to the too bar. How can I do it?

    I can get the reference of the grid and panel by using
    var grid =...
  17. Thanks so much. This is exactly what I want!
    Great, I'll do you suggested next post. Have a great day!
  18. I have a html page that have a href defined as
    <a id="logout" href="http://myserver/myweb/log.log_out">Logout</a></p>

    How ever I need to pass in a parameter in it when I logou
    This is what I...
  19. Thank you so much. That works great!
  20. I have a data grid and want to focus on the first row after the data loaded into the grid. How do I do it?
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    Thanks a lot ZachG and burnnat!

    It works great!!!!
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    My application doesn't work with IE8 somehow.
    However, It's in production now.
    I need to detect the browser to tell user don't use it if it's IE8 as a temporary fix.

    It has the example of
  23. I have a roweditor grid.
    I have a combobox field in the grid called Group.
    Our business rule is the combobox has to be empty bases on another field value which is end_date.

    I put the validation...
  24. Thanks for your replay. It did disable the fields. How can I disable the submit button also? I do have a formbind submit button.
    Thanks again!
  25. I have a business logic. I need to disable the form to be edited when the value of one of my form fields is a certain value.

    Such as

    if (form.field.statue = 'done' ){
    form can not be modified...
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