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    Is there a way for the HttpProxy to do a HTTP/1.0 request instead of an HTTP/1.1 request?
  2. got it! thanks a lot!
  3. Thanks a ton!! that worked! I still don't understand what ds.reload.defer(100, ds) did though, since if reload was deferred how did the load mask appear even without calling the reload?
  4. that was just something i tried to see if it would bring up the load mask, i forgot to remove it
  5. When someone clicks the next or previous or when the grid initially loads, the grid shows a load mask and the grid is disabled. But when i do a datasource.reload() in the loadexception event the...
  6. Iam running the Ext Grid (1.1.1) on a struts + websphere environment - **EDIT** i posted this in the wrong forum, strangely i cant find a way to delete or move the thread to the right forum.

  7. Hi,

    Iam using the Extjs 1.1 on a JSP page running on Websphere 5.1 server. But sometimes when i try to access the page, i get back something like this on the server logs

    [2/19/08 1:17:18:712...
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    That worked like a charm, thanks!
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    I have a grid with one of the columns having multiple lines. So the row height is expanded when the column is displayed. But when i do "Lock Column" on any of the columns, the row returns back to its...
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