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  1. Oh geeze, this turned out to be a simple one.
    I forgot to mark 'monitororientation' to true on the panel.

    An orientation change is triggered in a browser when you resize the window.
  2. Hello, I've got some code that is triggered on 'orientationchange' and I want to test / debug it in my Chrome browser, but I can't seem to trigger an orientation change (I figured it was just...
  3. Hello, I've been using sencha touch to make a pilot mobile app for my company and so far it's been pretty good to me. I'm running it infront of a GRAILS app for handling things on the back end.
  4. Could you perhaps register an on click to a text area?

    That would probably be the easiest way.

    Can I ask the desired functionality of this?
  5. Replies
    can you attach screenshots of whats happening?

    Your first code block should produce something that looks like this:

  6. Hello.
    I've been looking into using Sencha Touch with Grails which for those that don't know is a web application framework responsible for doing a lot of 'black magic' behind the scenes of a...
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