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  1. Is there any improvement.

    am working in Ext 4.0.7

    i had given a dynamic store to radio group , the items are loads from the database, but in edit the value is not binding to the radiogroup .
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    Hi Developer
    Thank you,
  3. Dear Qtx , I found the reason for the bug

    i downloaded your example and tried in my machine

    with your ext js core that is ext-all.js 4.1 the example works fine

    but i replaced it with ...
  4. Thank You Dear

    I tried the above link, it is working perfect.

    And sorry i forgot to include line of code i used in mt view file . in side the container

    i added this in side an item {},
  5. Hi Dear.

    Am using this editor because the htmleditor is not fulfilling my requirement , with html editor we cant add/ insert an image in the text area , so that i used this tiny-MCE editor, now i...
  6. @Arg0n

    Thank you dear, let me check with this code, If i find a good solution i will post the answer here .
    Once again Thank you dear for your support . And Sencha Team , please include a...
  7. by default the mysql gives date format in format

    after retrieving date from mysql you need to change the date format to

    the corresponding format that you were used in the date field
  8. Hi i am a great fan of Extjs
    Am developing an application using extjs.
    In one my page, am using an html editor and text area to insert data.
    My aim is to insert a text box’s value in the current ...
  9. Will that support extjs4
  10. hi,
    I think this is a bug, and am not sure ,

    Please check it

    I got the main source code from the docs/index.html#!/example/form/registration.html example's/examples/form/registration.js
  11. menu : [
    fieldLabel:'Date picker',

    fieldLabel:'Date picker',
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    please tell me which is the code w can use in extjs4 , in similar to the above code

    when i tried to use the form.add() in ext js4.0.7, it return an error message
  13. @mitchellsimoens Thank you , The second post was happened accidentally. i tried to delete that post , but have not found , Thank you Dear
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    go to this address

    for sample
    thank you all
  15. Hi Friends i think this will help beginners , and those who are studying themselves;

    . Those who are interested can re write the code as they wish. and please& submit to sencha for further study...
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    @khmurach Thank you . i found the error with the help of you ,

    got the spelling mistake


    and have to uncomment

  17. Am sorry ,
  18. @mitchellsimoens ,
    i am trying to make some application using extjs4, mvc architecture . in my first application my aim is to load details of selected / clicked item from the first grid loaded at...
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    Please help me. what is the error in the code ,
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    Hi am a new comer to ext js,

    i created two project/ application with extjs 4 using mvc architecture , but unfortunately i failed , i haven't get the out put as i expected here am pasting the two...
  21. Hi dear now am facing a new problem , with the term that EXT JS 4 announced , It is nothing other than "Dynamic loading",

    now am playing with two files ext.js and ext-all.js

    from some sources...
  22. @born Thank you ,

    I read both and i got confused, now am digging into both of the sample, dear am using dream weaver as the editor, and wamp server and windows xp . my problem is in the editor...
  23. Hi all am new to Ext JS . I started learning extjs4 with the help of docs provided with extjs sdk, My problem is while learning MVC i found some structural conflict in the prescribed mvc architecture...
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    Now am facing a new problem with 3rd sample in the mvc example

    The two examples were ok

    1. The Feed Viewer

    It uses only 6 requests and 996.4KB Download and 3.9 sec time to load
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    that problem was solved and the author edited the source code now an error free crud demo is available for downloading. thanks for your support,

    Now am facing a new problem with 3rd sample in...
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