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  1. Hello, after hitting the load more text when using the ListPaging plugin, the paging does not seem to reset itself when I goto another view that uses the same store. It basically keeps the...
  2. You can set it in the reader:!/api/

    proxy: {
    type: 'rest',
    reader: {
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    Hello, I downlaoded Sencha Touch 2 full release and was hoping to sample the Watchlist app source code, however the folder appears to be empty. Is there another place to find this? Thanks.
  4. Mitchell thanks.

    When you say two separate stores am I doing it correctly then in the code sample?

    What about:

    { xclass: '', ...
  5. I've built a rather complex app using iphone4s where the Home page would have 5 horizontal scrolls using Dataview each with 15 thumbnails using inline setting.

    ------- horizontal scroll...
  6. Hello, first I'd like to say that I submitted my first Sencha Touch 2 RC app on iOS market. Its been a great experience building starting with ST2 B1 all the way to ST2 RC1.
    However, though I was...
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    FYI, i don't think this is working as of ST2 RC

    No events were fired when tapped.... Can we have someone verify this?

    var videoOptions = Ext.create('Ext.Component', { ...
  8. Ext.create('Ext.List', { inline: { wrap: false } // Smooth horizontal scrolling});In RC version, the horizontal scroll feature is awesome. But was wondering it will be compaitible with the...
  9. I'm sure this have come up before and I've searched but couldn't find an easy solution.

    Basically when I have a toolbar that has a long title, it loverlaps the back button causing and odd look and...
  10. Hi, i'm having same issue and found this:

    But it says this is a private class. Ext.navigation.Bar

    I don't want to use...
  11. Hi Mitchell, yes I 'm aware of that. But when would I need to use the autoCreate one?

    I'm having trouble because some of my controllers need to access the same xtype pages and there seems to be...
  12. I am confused when to use the simple one line refs or the more advanced refs in controller to get access to an xtype page.

    Assume I have a page that shows a menu:

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    Nevermind, it was my crazy CSS. Seems like with each release my css breaks. I cleared out my custom css and the scroll lists horizontal is working now. Brilliant!
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    I'm exploring this feature in RC:

    While we’re all accustomed to using carousels when transitioning between cards, we thought it would be helpful if we could add in the ability to horizontally...
  15. Holy Crap! You guys are amazing! I'm doing backflips!
  16. I've built a UI similar to that of the "pulse" Apps which basically has a horizontal scroll list UI stacked with multiple lists.

    My problem is, my horizontal data list would show 3 thumbnails at a...
  17. Sorry to bring this thread up again, but its getting down to matter of days for me to release app.

    I am planning to release our App on iOS market and launch by March 8th, which is for SXSW event...
  18. Great to hear!

    Unless B4 is gonna be out this week, would you be so kind to get us a patch code for this?
  19. Hi Jamie,

    I've confirmed that this fix does not work for me, in regard to Tab panel issues with setActiveItem.

    You can easily reproduce this by loading up the Geocongress example App from ST2...
  20. Hi, Krom I'm having same issues and saw the code snippet. Since you said it worked for you, where would I drop this fix in (new here with sencha). I dropped it at top of my app.js file which has...
  21. This is great! Its last bug that I have i Beta 3 release that is blocking my app.

    Sorry new here but, where would I optimally drop this piece of code?
  22. I must be missing something. I am using MessageBox and ActionSheet in my ST2 b3 code in my app and have not explicitly added any of them to requires. yet my app works fine. I'm just wondering if...
  23. Really? Because I have not been explicitly including those in the requires and my application still works fine. I've only require my own app classes.

    I'm using sencha-touch-all-debug.js
  24. Is this still necessary to do this in our containers?

    requires: ['Ext.MessageBox', 'Ext.ActionSheet']

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    In my code, I'm doing this for my store before calling videoStore.load();

    videoStore.getProxy().setExtraParam('type', 'blog');
    videoStore.getProxy().setExtraParam('type_id', 123);

    Else where...
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