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  1. I think it depends on what codec is used for the video.

    See this thread:
  2. Great! That worked perfect! Thanks for all your answers! Awesome! :)

    Thanks again!
  3. Sorry for the bump again, don't want to be rude, but my evaluation copy will expire in 4 days..
    I would like to purchase a full license, but first I would like to know if I can realize what I want...
  4. Hi jarrednicholls,

    The first site you mention is the same site as i found. I tested it, and the request is working, but I can't get the file in the request.

    The problem is that it should work...
  5. Hi jarrednicholls,

    Sorry for my late reply. For some reason I didn't get an e-mail notification. Maybe because i'm was not the last poster?

    Thanks again for your answer, works great!

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    Ah indeed, I didn't see that function.

    When I click it, I can make new lines :)
    BBcode is good enough for me. WYSIWYG is nice too, if it works ;)

    Thanks for your reply!
  7. Hmm, between my 'bump' post and jarrednicholls' post was another post of mine. I edited it, but it seems to be missing now. Or is it not yet approved? Maybe it would be a nice forum feature to see...
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    Hi There, I'm sorry to write everything on 1 line, but it seems the reply section of this forum doesn't support IE10. In the field I'm currently typing in now, the enter-key doesn't make a new line....
  9. Sorry to bump this thread;

    Can anyone check if this behavior (multiple calls of pathChanged event when only 1 file is saved once) is a bug in the Desktop Packager, or am I using the...
  10. Thanks jarrednicholls, works great!

    But now I have a new problem. Should I make a new topic for that? (I will post it here now, if a new topic is needed please let me know :))

    When writing...
  11. Hi,

    I have a question about Sencha Desktop Packager regarding downloading of files.

    I want to build an application where the user can select an online file, edit it on the local computer, and...
  12. nodody?
  13. Hi,

    I have the same problem in ExtJS 3.4.0. using IE9.

    When I use the ExtJS examples, I also have this problem.

    Steps to reproduce:
    - Open...
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