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  1. came across the same problem. Another thread that I found about this problem:
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    Came accross the same problem...
    Did you find a fix?
  3. HI!

    The application that I am working on fetches data from the internet, stores it local and when there is no internet connection it loads from the local storage.

    Every thing works on the...
  4. Thanks, I'll check on the count value in the future.
  5. Hi All!

    Say you have a store with a proxy set to read some XML from a webservice. At the moment of reading the data you check to see if you are online.
    If you are online the program just loads it...
  6. Hi all,

    There are users who can have books. so I came up with the following simple XML.

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO8859-1" ?>
  7. Thanks very much! You are my todays hero!
  8. Hello all,

    I cant seem to find my error! looking for hours now! :(
    The below codes loads data from the xml, and the list gets populated. Only everytime when HitrateStore.load(); executes I get...
  9. Also came across the same problem a few days ago.

    I posted the problem in an existing thread about the problem, maybe didnt get picked up because the status was already changed to FIXED.
  10. When I check it with my Ipad the textfields are still unresponsive. Needs 2 taps to select them.

    This also is the case with the kitchensink demo on the website. The kitchensink example comming...
  11. mmm to bad... wait for a fix then
  12. Hi all!

    The following code loads the xml correctly :

    var testliststore = new{
    model: 'TestAssortiment',
    sorters: 'Naam',
  13. Thanks Evant for your fast reply!

    How to get from an variable that contains my xml response to your data form?; doesnt do much for me... or am I looking in the wrong...
  14. Having trouble with getting my ajaxresponse into a store....

    I have a XmlStore and do myXmlStore.loadData(response.responseText,false);

    My error msg is:
    Uncaught TypeError: Object < has no...
  15. Although you probably find a bigger audience by using twitter or some sort, I filled in your servey. It is a very interesting topic, please let me know the results when you are done :)

  16. Hi!

    I do the following to get a json response:

    url: '/Service1.svc/GetEenBoek?str=hallo',
    method: 'GET',
    success: function(response) {
  17. Thanks!
    things are more clear now! I'l try to implement it.
  18. Hi

    Again a question from me :) I am getting the hang of Sencha Touch and the more I understand it the more interesting it gets.

    And now I have come to my next problem I cant figure out without...
  19. Hi!

    Thanks for your time looking in my problem. I already have solved the problem :)

  20. Ok, slowly am I getting the concept of Sencha touch by looking though the demos...
    At the moment I have a toolbar with two tabs at the bottom, one containing a small form and the other some text....
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    Hi all,

    I just discovered Secha Touch. Looks prommissing and we are looking in to it to see if it is something we can use for the future.

    Never worked with Ext before... its new to me, but does...
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