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  1. You can use HtmlLayoutContainer(String html) in order to make the html part of your title.
    So something like

    HtmlLayoutContainer yourString = new HtmlLayoutContainer("<h4>Hello World ! </h4>");...
  2. isn't there a way to get the text from the button ? I guess not all the buttons will have the same size... so it will cut your buttons if it's longer than the "My button text"
  3. There is a div bigger than the actual button.
    You can solve this problem by adding a width to the column.

    Here is your test code :

    public class TextButtonWithMenu implements IsWidget,...
  4. I have this problem also in chrome. But I don't have to click. A simple hover is needed to show the expand cursor.
  5. It don't change anything even after turning off the shadows.
    Then i have the situation you can see in the image 2. Just the last bar is still there, the others just go over that one and don't remove...
  6. Hello, after a few time testing, I have a little problem with my bar chart.
    It's possible to add and delete new data bars. But the problem is when I remove a bar.
    It's like the chart don't delete...
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