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  1. I'm sending json data with errrors back to script, but it won't stop at the messagebox (displaying errors), just moving on. This should be a easy error made by a rookie :">


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    Hi!, when i try to add "item1" to the array i can't get the data right with json_encode

    $arr = array();
    $rs = mysql_query($sql);
    while($obj = mysql_fetch_object($rs)) {
    $arr[] =...
  3. It works!
    Thanx a lot!
  4. I'm looking for a way to copy information from one textfiled to another in a form, when the user clicks a button the information from 10 textfields copy to 10 other textfileds
    (address and shipping...
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    Hi, i'm trying to populate formfields with json data, but it won't show up, can someone please explain for me what i'm doing wrong?

    Regards from Sweden

    Here are some code snipets:

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