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    I am also facing this problem when i am using the "Editor" in "Window" (setModal is true). Below is the sample code and strange thing is that its working in all FF versions but failed in IE9.

  2. Can you please post your code how you solved this? I am getting this issue as well. Thanks.
  3. No updates from GXT team also? Am i asking something wrong? Or its not possible?
  4. Am i missing any detail here? Or its not possible with GXT 2.2.4?

    Please let me know if my question is wrong.

  5. Thanks for? :-/ .. I think post is still unanswered.
  6. First of all, Sorry that i posted it in wrong version forum and thanks for guidance.

    I am here posting the code which will make DnD download possible using Label. If you replace the same code with...
  7. No one had tried the same thing? Isn't it possible?
  8. I have updated the question with more explanation and sample code in below post. Please check that.

    Hello All,

    I am using GXT 2.2.4 for UI development. I have used HTML5 for Dragging file from...
  9. Do you got solution for this? I am having same requirement. It will be great help if you let me know how you achieved it?
  10. Atleast can any one say is this possible or not?

    "The grid scrolling should not applied to grid but it should apply to its parent container (content panel)", is it possible or i should say is it...
  11. Hi,

    I have a LayoutContainer with BorderLayout, and a Content Panel (having Grouping Grid and a Widget (containing two buttons and two date fields)) inside the west panel.
    - I dont want to...
  12. Set the Operation to COPY. I set it as MOVE.
  13. Hello,

    My requirement is when i drag drop on same Grid i should get the original index of dragged element and also the original index of dropped element as in the Grid's Store.

    But i can see...
  14. Can you tell me how exactly you solve this? I am also having same kind of requirement where Tree will have different model and Grid will have different model. When i drag from Grid to Tree the...
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    Thanks for reply.

    I had some weird requirement of it.

    Anyway if not this much row then 40 Columns and 6000 - 10,000 Rows can be possible. Still grid is getting crashed.

    Please suggest if you...
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    Hello All,

    I am using grouping grid provided in GXT Showcase ( Grid is running fine until it have thousand of records. But when i insert record upto...
  17. I am also facing the same issue. Any help?
  18. Hello All,

    I am new to this forum and this is my first post.

    I am using Reordering Grid. Dragging the data from source and place it on target is working well.

    Using DNDEvent.getData() method...
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