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  1. Well, thanks a lot sword-it.

    I have tried all possible solutions by looked at Ext Js documentation on Ext.form.Combobox. Somehow the problem is still there. When I used 'afterrender' event, the...
  2. Okay, the solution is just by adding
    preventMark : true . And the red boundary is not displayed initially. But the invalid mark did not displayed at all, even when the field is empty. I've tried to...
  3. Dear all,

    Ther is a form containing a numberfield as follow:

  4. I've tried the below codes on listener:

    afterrender: function(combo) {
    if (combo.getValue() ==4) {;
  5. There is a window form containing a combo box (the combo box has 3 values, when the value is 2, it should show a radio group) .

    Let say, I click the row in grid panel that generating the form...
  6. Thanks a lot, sword-it. It's just work. Many many thanks.

    But, how to extend the functionality, so the textarea can filled by multiple value from selected combobox? Because for now, the text area...
  7. I have one combobox (Ext.form.ComboBox) and one textarea (xtype:'textarea',) inside a form window.

    Whenever the value inside combobox is selected, the value should submitted and filling the text...
  8. There is a form window after clicking the item on grid panel.

    Inside the form window, there is a Save button. I want to hide that button depend on certain condition by doing query to database. I...
  9. Thanks a lot for your reply, Mark.

    Actually I have tried the solution as below.

    But I still confused, how to define <a> on items of Configuration except through html ? Where to add...
  10. Dear mark & findajit,

    I have the same problem. But I still can't replicate your solution.

    The following code is inside js / layout folder (on grouptabpanel.js). While the related grid...
  11. I've grouptabpanel consist of several items each pointing to display a gridpanel. The gridpanel is included as item from tabpanel items (see code below).

    How to create a link to open directly to...
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    I've found this conversation in another forum thread:

    The tabpanel item is just...
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    Thanks a lot scott for your reply.

    All I mean is like make a url for any menu/sub-menu for every items inside a grouptabpanel. In common html, it usually something like...
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    There is a grouptabpanel contain several menu and sub-menu items with grid inside. For now, there is one and only way to access them all through

    Let say there is...
  15. I have problem with EditorGridPanel. The Horizontal scrollbar is appear, but the fixed height (400) is not appear correctly. Therefore, there is a big space between the last row of the grid and the...
  16. Thanks a lot for your clue, mitchel.

    I've just found this thread about How to use listeners in CheckColumn? . I tried it and succesfulley alerting message everytime the checkbox clicked....
  17. Dear all,

    I have a checkColumn in grid. It works properly, clickable and recalling value from database by using dataIndex.

    Here is the codes:

    var checkColumn = new...
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    I have the TreePanel (using Feed Viewer example). But how to add grid linked to those children of nodes in TreePanel?

    Here is the initial code:

    this.feeds = this.root.appendChild();

    And I...
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    Thanks a lot, simoens.

    It works. Really really works.

    Now I have nodes and childs inside the tree panel.

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    I'm trying to make Treepanel just like the layour of Feed Viewer in Ext JS Example. To add the child, I've got no difficulty just by add sort of following code inside FeedViewer.js

  21. Ok solved.

    A friend of mine justr trick the SQL query before loaded to JSON data, so that the filename field (in JSOn array), containing value like '<img src="" />' filename. While on the ExtJS...
  22. Thanks simoens for your advice.

    I've already check the available properties of BoxElement and found seven of them: disabled, el, hidden, initialConfig, ownerCt, refOwner, rendered. Unfortunately,...
  23. I have an "xtype: box'" to display image inside a pop-up form window. It works well when I use static image url. But I got confused when tried to make it dynamic.

    I need to make variable (e.g var...
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    Ok it's just solved...

    I have to increase memory limit by these codes:

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    I have a grid that works normally.

    Unfortunately, after the data reach 78,000 records (rows), the grid just disappeared, without any error message (I use firebug).

    Are there any same...
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