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  1. I deleted everything in the 'build' folder and publish worked

    [EDIT] Correction...this doesn't work.

    If you save, close, open and publish without a build, it seems to work
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  3. Don't you hate Mondays ???

    I should be listening to beforecheckchange and modifying the record manually.

    It would be better if the checkcolumn could be configured to set the value according to...
  4. Scenario:

    Ext 4.2.1

    I have a grid with a checkcolumn, a store, and a model. If the record in the database indicates that isSent = 1, then I want to catch this and prevent the user from...
  5. You may have issues with different browsers parsing the date.

    The 'T' in your dateFormat is being interpreted as timezone. As per Julio's post, check out the date documentation. I believe you need...
  6. I would suggest a feature in the Architect settings where a user can select 'Convert Tabs to Spaces' and set 'Spaces per Tab' (2,3,4) and then in the code editor, when the user presses the Tab key,...
  7. =D>

    Can't find the face-palm smiley so you'll have to get applause.
  8. Thanks for the response...I just clicked the x to clear the value.

    Will try a space but I don't want the space showing when the icon is centered as it is.
  9. The code editor in Architect currently flags a warning if you use tabs...couldn't Architect simply replace tabs with spaces????
  10. Scenario:

    Tab Panel with multiple tabs. The last tab has no title and contains an image of a '+' like so:



  11. Haven't looked, but this could be because Architect is appending a '/' to the root prefix so you end up with:

    http://localhost//ajax/getstuff <-- note the '//' after localhost ...and I could be...
  12. Firstly, Bill...thanks for your critique...very useful to hear a fellow user's the templates suggestion.

    Secondly, Gil...when you're working on templates, could you consider...
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    thanks for your answer. I took a similar approach...I converted all columns to standard and set the renderer as follows:

    { xtype: 'gridcolumn',
  14. :">


    object.relayEvents(source, [events])

    NOT source.relayEvents(sink, [events]) !!!!

    Ext.define('BRM.view.override.SectionsTabPanel', { override: 'BRM.view.SectionsTabPanel'
  15. Trying to accomplish this via Architect.

    I have successfully included the reorderer plugin using:

    Ext.define('BRM.view.override.SectionsTabPanel', { override: 'BRM.view.SectionsTabPanel'
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    Looks like Architect 3 still does not accept variables or functions as objects.

    I have a grid with cells displaying values for each month (12 x number columns with 6 x rows).
    I have a...
  17. Any update on this?

    I'm trying to add 'plugins' with a value of Ext.create('Ext.yadda') but Architect keeps converting it to a string.
  18. Google is a wonderful tool!

    It seems as though 'this' refers to the column config and not the actual...
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    stopSelection has no effect in 4.2.1
  20. Same issue.

    Is there a workaround or a fix planned?
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    Ext 3.3 example. Modify to suit your fields, save it as jstoreUsers.js and include in your main html page.

    jsStoreUsers = Ext.extend(, {
    constructor: function(cfg) {
  22. What I'd like to do is create an application that allows a user to draw multiple sprites (basic rectangles or pentagons) that contain updatable text, drag them around and link them with connectors.
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    You need to set root in your reader to users.

    Ext.define('EdirUser', {
    extend: '',
    fields: [
    //put your fields here
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    See the following code:

    sp = surface.add({
    type: 'path',
    path: 'm 56,56 150,0 75,-75 -75,-75 -150,0 z',
    fill: '#F44',
  25. The easiest way in Architect (without refs) is to select the combo and add a 'beforerender' event.

    component.listConfig = {
    loadingText: 'Searching...',
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