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  1. Unbelievable I think I answered myself, I've check the sencha-touch-debug and I can see there is an e.preventDefault() in onTouchEnd of the Ext.gesture.Manager

    onTouchEnd: function(e) {
  2. I'm developing an app for BlackBerry touch and I use a Torch for my development. I'm facing this strange scroll issue which I believe might be a bug in Sencha Touch.

    Basically when I start...
  3. I have a general problem with IE and the height of fieldsets, they seem to be longer in IE than in Firefox or Chrome, so I end up having the reduce the height of fieldsets for IE, anyway to fix this...
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    I personally use Struts 2, so the Java servlet library won't be of help to me, but there already a plugin 'JSON plugin' ( for Struts 2 that supports...
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    I have written some code to minimize a window into a desktop icon, you can easily customize it to create a task bar button instead. Example here:
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    First you need to decide on which form you are going to submit and retrieve data from the server (e.g. json, xml, form parameters, etc...), one approach I use is to retrieve data from the server...
  7. Added Demo URL
  8. I have been working on an extension to provide minimizable Ext windows, the behaviour when minimizing a window is to display a 48X48 icon on the window container (desktop, page, etc... rather than a...
  9. Very useful article indeed. I'm using Struts 2 with ExtJS and the JSON plugin works a treat both in serializing POJOs into JSON and deserializing the JSON back into POJOs
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